When it comes to the number of athletes from the Peach State that currently play in the NFL, Georgia ranks fourth in the nation.

Georgia comes in behind Florida, California, and Texas for the number of players on the rosters on opening day with a whopping 128 players.

See the numbers below.

211 – Florida

185 – California

175 – Texas

123 – Georgia

76 – Ohio

60 – Alabama

59 – Louisiana

59 – Pennsylvania

55 – New Jersey

55 – North Carolina

47 – Virginia

46 – Illinois

43 – Michigan

43 – South Carolina

Georgia is third in NFL players per capita behind the District of Columbia and Louisiana. Alabama is next, followed by Mississippi and Florida, according to WSBtv.

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Jessica Szilagyi
Jessica Szilagyi is a Statewide Contributor for AllOnGeorgia.com. She focuses primarily on state and local politics as well as issues in law enforcement. She has a background in Political Science with a focus in local government and has a Master of Public Administration from the University of Georgia. Jessica is a "Like It Or Not" contributor for Fox5 in Atlanta and has two blogs of her own: The Perspicacious Conservative and "Hair Blowers to Lawn Mowers."


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