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Georgia Power: Spring into energy savings with tips and rate options

Georgia Power is reminding customers to spring into energy savings by focusing on energy efficiency throughout the house. Spring is also a great time to evaluate your Georgia Power rate plan. Finding an option that better fits your budget and lifestyle can offer savings and more control of your bill ahead of hot weather.

Spring Cleaning And Other Tips From Georgia Power:

  • Focus on the Fridge: Proper cleaning and maintenance of the refrigerator, such as carefully dusting the dirt from refrigerator coils and removing excess food or bulky bags to allow air to circulate, can reduce energy consumption.
  • Watch the Windows: Cleaning windows or dusting blinds? Be sure to leave curtains and blinds open to take advantage of natural light during the day when cooler weather allows.
  • Feel the flow; free your filters: Clean or change air conditioning filters each month, or pleated filters every three months. A dirty filter can make your equipment work harder, resulting in higher bills. Make sure furniture, curtains, rugs and other items do not block vents and return air registers.
  • Fire up the Grill: Reduce the temperature inside your home by using an outdoor grill or smoker instead of indoor ovens and stoves.
  • Tune-up the A/C: Have your air conditioner professionally serviced now to ensure it’s running efficiently before summer arrives. When doing yard work, trim plants around the A/C units so they can receive proper air flow.
  • Think Thermostats: Set manual thermostats to 78 degrees in the summer for peak efficiency and make the most of programmable and smart thermostats, which help decrease energy use based on your lifestyle.

Spring into energy savings with tips and rate options from Georgia Power / Source: Georgia Power

Tips, Tools & Resources
Whether customers own a home or rent, tailored tips are available at, which also includes access to a free online energy checkup and a variety of rebates and incentives for both homes and businesses.

Flexible Rate Options To Fit Customers’ Budgets And Lifestyles
Georgia Power reminds customers that as the seasons change, now is a great time to review your current rate plan and ensure that you are on the best rate to fit your budget and lifestyle. Ensuring that you are on the most economical rate plan for your use is one of the most effective ways to keep your energy costs low. Customers can explore details of these Georgia Power rate plans at

  • FlatBill® – This plan offers a 12-month fixed contract price that does not fluctuate when your power usage does – eliminating surprises and preventing higher bills during peak seasonal use in winter and summer.
  • PrePay – This rate option allows you to pay as you go and add funds as needed. This plan requires no deposit, credit check or reconnection fees.
  • Pay by Day® – Georgia Power’s newest rate plan, this innovative option locks in a fixed daily price for electricity over an entire year. This prepaid service plan gives customers the ability to deposit funds into their Georgia Power account with a fixed amount deducted daily, no matter the amount of energy used.
  • Smart Usage – This plan can provide savings by implementing small changes in how and when you use electricity. By using major appliances such as clothes dryers, ovens and dishwashers at different times, you could reduce your monthly energy bill.
  • Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) – A great option for electric vehicle (EV) drivers who can charge their EVs during nighttime hours and take advantage of lower-priced energy.
  • Nights & Weekends – If you can shift when you use electricity during the summer months to the evening, the Nights & Weekends rate is for you. By changing when you wash dishes, do laundry or cool your home, savings add up annually.
  • Residential Services – Georgia Power’s basic rate plan is available to all residential customers. This plan has a monthly base charge and a rate that changes based on your monthly usage and the time of year.

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