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Screams, Films (and Lots and Lots of Vulgarity) at Douglas County High School

The city of Douglasville has become a hot commodity for the film industry, as evidenced by films such as “The Founder” and others which have been filmed recently in the area.  Therefore it barely made waves when we all learned that MTV would be filming season 3 of Scream, a TV adaptation to the popular late 90’s film series at Douglas County High School.

Douglas County High School Transformed to “Weaver High School” for the filming of “Scream Season 3”.

However, footage has surfaced that calls into question whether this filming is appropriate for an active learning environment.

[Editors Note – This footage is NSFW and contains graphic language.  Discretion is advised]

TRAW x KEKE #ForThePChallenge#MTVScream

Posted by Tyga on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

This comes after numerous reports that students were being kept off of “various parts” of the Douglas County High School campus during filming.  We’ve now learned that these areas included the library as well as the Great Hall.

One student reports that the new gym is closed, forcing all gym activity into the schools older gym.  The Lower Banks building is also closed, which is causing navigation of the campus to take longer.

Multiple parents have questioned the compensation for this as well.  While it was reported that the school would be compensated, questions of how much, where that money will go and who will control it do not seem to have been answered.

It all begs the question, is this appropriate for an active school environment.  Douglas county residents are typically very welcoming to the film industry, but when they take over an active high school and videos such as this one (where Douglas County High School students can clearly be seen in the background) is it appropriate?

This post was the official response.

AllOnGeorgia certainly does intend to “contact school administrators” about this.

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