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Serving as a president of a state college or university is big money in Georgia – and a handful of those who lead higher education institutions will once again see a raise over the previous fiscal year.

So, how much will college presidents across Georgia make next year?

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported Friday that the latest university salaries have been released by the University System of Georgia. The top 10 highest paid are as follows:

1) Georgia Tech President G.P. “Bud” Peterson, $1,135,710.27

2) Georgia State University President Mark Becker, $1,129,002.90 (an increase over this year by ~$23,000)

3) University of Georgia President Jere Morehead, $911,729.57 (A near-$30,000 increase)

4) Augusta University President Brooks Keel, $899,300.66 (Almost $18,000 increase over this year)

5) Kennesaw State University President Pamela Whitten, $493,876

6) Georgia Southern University President Kyle Marrero, $440,000

7) Fort Valley State University President Paul A. Jones, $354,326.02 (A ~$4,000 increase)

8) Valdosta State University President Richard A. Carvajal, $347,194.80

9) Columbus State University President Christopher Markwood, $341,916.89

10) Middle Georgia State University President Christopher Blake, $340,009.83

These salaries take effect on July 1, 2019.

The Board of Regents voted last month to increase tuition for students once again.

Tuition is expected to rise for full-time undergraduate students this fall by a rate of 2.5%. The increase equates to a $35 to $125 per semester for a full-time student paying in-state tuition. Online tuition rates are expected to drop, though.

Reportedly, 11 college and university institutions will be allowed limited fee increases for the upcoming academic year in addition to the tuition increases, ranging from $4 to $50 per semester for a full-time, in-state undergraduate student. That is nearly half of the 26 institutions in the system.

The last tuition increase was in 2017 and, before that, in 2015.

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Board of Regents Votes to Raise Tuition in Georgia…Again

The University System of Georgia has proposed a $8.2 billion budget for FY 2020.

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