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Board of Regents Votes to Raise Tuition in Georgia…Again

The University System of Georgia has voted to once again raise tuition and fees for the 2019-2020 school year.

The University System of Georgia has voted to once again raise tuition and fees for the 2019-2020 school year.

The decision was made Tuesday by the Board of Regents, an unelected board appointed by the Governor that is charged with administrating the college and universities in the University System of Georgia. [See the list of members here]

Tuition is expected to rise for full-time undergraduate students this fall by a rate of 2.5%. The increase equates to a $35 to $125 per semester for a full-time student paying in-state tuition. Online tuition rates are expected to drop, though.

Reportedly, 11 college and university institutions will be allowed limited fee increases for the upcoming academic year in addition to the tuition increases, ranging from $4 to $50 per semester for a full-time, in-state undergraduate student. That is nearly half of the 26 institutions in the system.

The last tuition increase was in 2017 and, before that, in 2015.

The Board of Regents is looking at the decision as a ‘cap on tuition cost increases’ instead of an actualy increase. The Board also says the increases are ‘less than inflation.’ From a press release:

“Limiting tuition increases to 2.5 percent will help enable institutions to balance the critical needs of affordability and quality for students and families,” said Chancellor Steve Wrigley. “At the same time, USG will continue building upon systemwide initiatives to ensure on-time college completion, increase student access to free textbooks and reduce student borrowing. USG institutions are advancing our priorities of affordability, efficiency and degree attainment while continuing to provide students with a high-quality education.”

“USG continues to offer some of the lowest tuition rates among peer state public higher education systems,” said Interim Executive Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs Tracey Cook. “Out of the 16 states that make up the Southern Regional Education Board, USG ranks fourth-lowest in tuition and fees for four-year institutions, down from sixth-lowest last year.”

You can see the latest tuition rates here.

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