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Trion Football Preview: Andy Ramirez

This spotlight article is on Trion Football’s kicker, Andy Ramirez. 

This spotlight article is on Trion Football’s kicker, Andy Ramirez.

Name: Andy Ramirez
Age: 17
Grade: 11th
Position: Kicker
Height: 5’7

Ramirez was a 1st team All-State, 1st team All-Area, and 1st team All-Region player for the 2022 season. Ramirez was 47/48 on PTA. His longest kick was a field goal for 36 yards.

How has your training and preparation been going during the off-season?

My training and preparation during the off-season has been very good. I’ve managed to work on how to kick better and maintain accuracy.

What improvements have you personally made in your skills since last season?

My skills have improved and I am starting to be a weapon that’s part of the team.

Which players are standing out as potential impact players for the upcoming season?

The most outstanding players I see that can make big impact moves are Toby Maddux, Ezra Adams, Cohen Blaschke, and Lucas Stoker. They are very strong leaders and they help us maintain focus.

How do you feel the team’s chemistry and camaraderie is shaping up this year?

I feel good about the chemistry with the team. It is very strong and we help one another get better everyday.

What are the team’s primary goals and objectives for this season?

The objective for this team is to win region champs and go to the state finals.

How has the coaching staff been working to develop and refine team strategies?

The coaches have been very smart and strong with the plans to prepare the team. They really make us work hard.

What is the best thing about your teammates?

The best thing about the team is that we help each other out and have each other’s backs no matter what because we are a family.

Which games are you most looking forward to this season, and why?

I’m looking forward to home games because it is a home field advantage and just exciting to play at home.

Are there any specific rivalries that add extra motivation for the team?

The Model game was a close call and a game we could’ve won, but it us also motivation for us to work hard.

How are you personally preparing for the leadership role on the team, and what do you hope to achieve this season?

My preparation in leadership is just maintaining focus and having strength. I’m working harder than usual to get a spot on the records.

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