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The Trojans Surrender

Apparently the Gordon Lee Trojans have had enough. After a demoralizing defeat in the regular season, the Gordon Lee alumni have tucked their tails and called it quits. Gordon Lee Head Coach, Greg Ellis, made the official announcement last night when he called Trion Head Coach, Justin Brown, to say Gordon Lee was unable to field an alumni team due to lack of participation.

In stark contrast, the passion for the game in T-Town is as strong as ever. With new players coming out of the woodwork to join this year’s alumni team, Brown is even more excited to announce that Friday night’s game will be an all Bulldog Alumni game: Blue vs White.

Highlights of this Friday night’s Bulldog bash will be none other than Head Football Coach Justin Brown and Head Wrestling Coach Eric Brock strapping on the pads to take the field. Keeping the thrill alive, Brown is inviting everyone the entire county to come out and see the Pride that is Trion Football. “We can’t control what Gordon Lee does, we can only control what we do.”

While this is the oldest high school football rivalry in Georgia, going back to 1933, Gordon Lee has suffered losses on 61 of those occasions, including this year’s lopsided 14-42 defeat. Gordon Lee has thrown in the towel and lost the will to fight the Bulldogs anymore than they have to.

Trion’s Pride will be evident Friday night at the 7:30 pm kickoff when the stands are filled with fans in Blue and White, the field has 40+ players (many 40+ years old) ready for the action and the sideline has cheerleaders and a band ready to cheer on their Dogs. Coach Brown wants the event to remind everyone “it’s a great to be a Trion Bulldog”.


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Casie Bryant is the NW Georgia Regional Manager for AllOnGeorgia.

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