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Six Georgia Wrestlers Win Top Honors at High School Nationals

Six Georgia Wrestlers Win Top Honors at High School Nationals

As the three-day event came to a close, thousands of wrestlers from across the country found themselves whittled down to a fortunate few. Six Georgia athletes were among the proud winners crowned National Champions at the 30th Annual High School Nationals; four high school winners along with a winner in the Girl’s Division and and another in the Middle School Division.
The grade-based event demonstrated where wrestlers stack up among the nation’s best for each recruiting class and results are broken down by grade.
Freshman: 4th Place- 2 Champs, 5 All-Americans
1st Place- Ohio / 273 points / 2 Champs
2nd Place- New Jersey / 236 points / 2 Champs
3rd Place- Pennsylvania / 219 points / 2 Champs
4th Place- Georgia / 177.5 points / 2 Champs
Woodward Academy left their mark on Virginia Beach as teammates Matthew Singleton (138) and Michael Kilic (132) both took 1st Place. And they didn’t just win, they won with style. Kilic defeated West Virginia’s Justin Bartee with a 9-1 Major and won every match by more than 4 points. Singleton became a household name among college scouts as he scored bonus points in every bout and walked away with a Fall in the Finals over Antwaun Burns of Ohio for the 1st Place Finish.
Matthew Singleton (138) 1st Place
Michael Kilic (132) 1st Place
Sam Harris (145) 2nd Place
Jeremy Paradice (138) 7th Place
Brandon High (220) 8th Place
Sophomores: 6th Place- 1 Champ, 4 All-Americans
1st Place- Ohio / 284 Points / no champs
2nd Place- New York / 243 Points / 3 Champs
3rd Place- Pennsylvania / 241.5 Points / 2 Champs
4th Place- New Jersey / 227.5 Points / 1 Champ
5th Place- North Carolina / 178.5 Points / no Champs
6th Place- Georgia / 152 Points / 1 Champ
Woodland High School’s Caden McCrary (132) played the role of tactician throughout the tournament and overwhelmed one opponent after another. McCrary seemed to wrestle every moment of every match on the offensive and was always three moves ahead of his opponent. His 4-2 Finals win over Maryland’s Ethen Miller was never really that close as McCrary continued to stretch his lengthy list of accomplishments on the national and international scale.
Teammate Jaxon Smith (145) took down Jared Simma of Kansas with a Fall midway through the 3rd period and, with two consecutive Falls, Smith closed out the tournament with a resounding 3rd Place Finish.
Caden McCrary (132) 1st Place
Jaxon Smith (145) 3rd Place
Elijah Burns (182) 4th Place
Hunter Noland (138) 5th Place
Juniors: 5th Place, 7 All-Americans
1st Place- Ohio / 238 Points / 2 Champs
2nd Place- Pennsylvania / 219.5 Points / 1 Champ
3rd Place- New Jersey / 216.5 Points / 1 Champ
4th Place- New York / 190.5 Points /
5th Place- Georgia / 188.5 Points /
Buford’s Charlie Darracott (145) entered the 3rd period of the championship match with an escape that knotted the score 3-3 but couldn’t hang on as returning National Champ Peyton Hall of West Virginia rolled off three straight 3rd period takedowns for the 9-5 win.
Charlie Darracott (145) 2nd Place
Nick Stonecheck (138) 3rd Place
D.J. Lundy (220) 3rd Place
Nick Masters (120) 4th Place
Jakeem Littles (170) 7th Place
Jacob Stephens (220) 8th Place
Francis Morrisey (152) 8th Place
Seniors: 5th Place- 1 Champ, 5 All-Americans
1st Place- New Jersey / 186.5 Points / 2 Champs
2nd Place- Florida / 170 Points / 1 Champ
3rd Place- New York / 163.5 Points /
4th Place- Ohio / 161 Points / 2 Champs
5th Place- Georgia / 157 / 1 Champ
Buford Wolves’ second Finalist in the tournament, Logan Ashton (113), a Stanford commit was a man on a mission. Ashton’s statement victory in the Finals was a 13-3 Major over Virginia’s Clarence Lee-Green and capped off an impressive finish to the future Cardinal’s high school career. Ashton has long been known as one of Georgia’s pound-for-pound most technical wrestlers and his performance in Virginia Beach was simply sublime.
Dalton’s Tyler Hunt (126) will be wrestling with the Naval Academy next season but fell just short of a National Title in an all-out brawl with New Jersey’s Chris Cannon. The 1-6 loss was a disappointing finish to an otherwise incredible performance for Hunt who wrapped up his regular season as a Georgia 4x State Champ and earned Runner Up All-American status this weekend.
Logan Ashton (113) 1st Place
Tyler Hunt (126) 2nd Place
DeeJay McNeal (120) 4th Place
Myles Starke (182) 6th Place
Ethan Willis (138) 8th Place
Girls: 7th Place- 1 Champ, 6 All-Americans
1st Place- California / 125.5 Points / 2 Champs
2nd Place- New York / 100 Points / 2 Champs
3rd Place- Pennsylvania / 71 Points / 1 Champ
4th Place- Missouri / 69 Points / 1 Champ
5th Place- Florida / 62 Points /
6th Place- Tennessee / 61 Points /
7th Place- Georgia / 54.5 / 1 Champ
Tiyahna Askew (144) is no stranger to the National Stage and just picked up more hardware with her 4-2 victory over Florida’s Kaelyn Martinez in the National Finals. Askew pinned her way through the tournament where no opponent made it out of the opening period until the Finals. The Collins Hill wrestler is now a 2x Georgia State Champ with her senior year ahead of her.
Mount Pisgah’s Catherine Bertrand (112) took 4th Place in a heartbreaking 5-8 loss to Maryland’s Autumn Flanigan. Bertrand shocked the Georgia Single-A Division this season by choosing to wrestle in the Boys division and finishing with a respectable 4th Place spot.
Tiyahna Askew (144) 1st Place
Catherine Bertrand (112) 4th Place
Alexa Downs 128) 6th Place
Tristen Music (128) 7th Place
Jenna Norfleet (185) 8th Place
Brooke Ligon (144) 8th Place
Middle School: 5th Place- 1 Champ, 12 All-Americans
1st Place- New York / 226.5 Points / 2 Champs
2nd Place- Virginia / 220.5 Points  / 2 Champs
3rd Place- New Jersey / 214.5 Points / 4 Champs
4th Place- North Carolina / 199 Points /
5th Place- Georgia / 191 / 1 Champ
The Sherlock brothers have been making waves in Georgia since their arrival and narrowly missed having both brothers in the finals. Instead it was 80 lb Emmett Sherlock who made it to the Finals and pulled off the stunning 1-0 victory over West Virginia’s Breydon Wharton for his first National title.
Emmitt Sherlock (80) 1st Place
Omaury Alvarez (165) 2nd Place
Anthony Mannella (142) 3rd Place
Tyson Sherlock (85) 4th Place
Hoke Poe (135) 4th Place
Zander McClain (180) 5th Place
Nate Askew (80) 5th Place
Jake Crapps (100) 5th Place
Noah Danforth (85) 6th Place
Tyler Nelson (119) 8th Place
Jacob Bond (75) 8th Place
Emil Necula (127) 8th Place

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Casie Bryant is the NW Georgia Regional Manager for AllOnGeorgia.

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1 Comment

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    April 1, 2019 at 2:34 pm

    Hi Casie!
    Thank you so much for writing the nice NHSCA article.
    We all “families, coaches and friends” are so proud of our Georgia boys.
    I love your article, good job girl!

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