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Go BIG or Go Home

Michael Adams has always been BIG, so BIG that ever since the 3rd grade few people call him Michael Adams, in Chattooga Michael Adams is known simply as….. Big Mike. And 2016 looks to be the season of Big Mike.

Everyone at Chattooga High School is excited about Big Mike Adams future in football. Throughout last season Big Mike shined as one of the Indians’ best and most reliable lineman. Displaying an uncommon work ethic, he produces consistently at the highest level.

Adams is looking to build off of his junior season where, as the anchor of the defensive line he recorded 21 tackles, two for a loss and a sack.

Big Mike Adams will be an asset on both sides of the ball this season.

As a student athlete Adams is carrying a 3.8 GPA which puts him in the top 1% of high school football players being recruited. Standing 6’3” and weighing 311 lbs., Adams is hard to miss in his #52 jersey.

Currently around twenty different schools are courting Adams. His top three choices are West Virginia, UCF or Georgia Southern.

Adams spends quality time in the weight room. His current max squat is 560 lbs., max bench 385 lbs. and he runs the 40-yard dash in 5.12.

Adams has been named Preseason All-State, All Region and All Area three times and he has received the Scholar Athlete Award. Adams also received the Physics Award and Computer Applications award.

He is the son of Tony and Dorothy Adams.

“Mike is a winner on and off the field. He has used is ability and hard work ethic to put himself in position to pay for furthering his education through the game of football,” Coach Charles Hammon said.

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All On Georgia: What inspires you to play football?

Adams: What inspires me to play football is to be able to get a free education and be able to help out my parents so they don’t have to pay for anything.

All On Georgia: What are you hobbies/interests outside of football?

Adams: My hobbies outside of football are going to the movies, lifting weights, playing video games and Fishing.

All On Georgia: Give us three words that best describe you.

Adams: Three words that describe me would be ambitious, resilient and respectful.

All On Georgia: What advice would you give to a young rec league football player?

Adams: The advice I would give a young player would be to lead not follow also if you keep working hard not just on the field but in the classroom you can achieve anything you want in life because nobody can take that education from you.

All On Georgia: What are your goals for this season?

Adams: My goals this season are really team oriented meaning I want for us to win the region and state championship.

All On Georgia: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Adams: My pre game ritual is listening to music and getting a quick workout in before the game.

All On Georgia: What would be a perfect pre-game meal?

Adams: My idea of a perfect pre game meal would be a steak, mashed potatoes and corn with a slice of apple pie.

big mike

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