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Trion Quarterback Jarret Gill

Trion quarterback, Jarret Gill #5, spent 2015 throwing for 1,300 yards including 13 touchdown strikes as a sophomore. Over the summer he attended several camps, getting extensive practice time and perfecting his throwing motion.
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From a physical standpoint, Gill has all the tools he needs to succeed, he stands 6’3” and weighs 185 lbs and he is only 16 years old. Gill’s max squat is 335 lbs, max bench press is 200 lbs and he runs the 40 yard dash in 4.9 seconds.

Gill is an honor roll student maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

His top three college choices are the University of Florida, the University of Georgia and the Universtiy of North Carolina. He has two more seasons to achieve his goals. Currently as a junior several schools have already shown interest in him including UTC, Kennesaw State University, and GSU.

“Jarret did a great job last year as a sophomore.  We’ve put some more on him this off season and feel like he’s going to be one of the top quarterbacks in this area over the next two years.  He’s a cool customer and doesn’t get rattled out there on the field.  We are looking forward to see how well he does moving forward,” says Justin Brown, Trion Head Football Coach.gill

He is the son of Anjy and Stacy Gill.

All On Georgia: What inspires you to play football?

Gill: I just love the game.

All On Georgia: What are your other interests and hobbies outside of football?

Gill: I play basketball at Trion as well.

All On Georgia: What are three words or descriptors to tell about yourself?

Gill: Smart, driven and hard worker

All On Georgia: What advice would you give a young rec football player?

Gill: Work as hard as you can and always push yourself to get better.

All On Georgia: What are your goals for this season?

Gill: My goal is just to win.

All On Georgia: Do you have a pre-game ritual?

Gill: I listen to music and just get comfortable.

All On Georgia: What would be a perfect pre-game meal for you?

Gill: Chicken, baked potatoes, macaroni and tea

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