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Chattooga County holds 50th Special Olympics

The 50th Chattooga County Special Olympics was held Wednesday, April 11th at Chattooga High School. Chattooga County first began holding the Special Olympics in 1968.

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The Games began with the traditional Parade of Athletes. Once all the athletes were on the visitor’s side of the football field in front of the audience the Chattooga High School Band played the National Anthem. The Pledge of Allegiance was given by Sophizeona Adams and Rosa Blackmon, students at Leroy Massey Elementary School.

Mr. Brandon Bishop, from Central Avenue Baptist Church gave the innovation. Superintendent Jimmy Lenderman welcomed the athletes and fans to the games. Summerville Middle School student Alani Silva, delivered the Special Olympic Oath. Mr. Jeff Martin finished off the opening ceremonies by declaring the games open.

65 students from Chattooga County Schools and Trion City Schools participated in the Special Olympics. All Chattooga County Schools students were treated to a new pair of tennis shoes just for the Special Olympics.

Competitions and Winners:

Bocce Ball

Game #1
1st place- Logan Coleman
2nd place- Alyssah McElwee
3rd- Braylen Driggers
4th- Belinda Mendez

Game #2
1st place- Maekayla Bearden
2nd- Bren Duncan
3rd- Candece Watson
4th- Breann Shore

Game #3
1st- Bren Short
2nd- Cordell Harris
3rd- Chazz Tucker
4th- Celide Tercero-Paiz

Game #4
1st- Briceson Keith
2nd- Cooper Dooley
3rd- Jenna Dawson
4th- Thomas Kincade

Girls Standing Long Jump

Heat #1
1st- Baylee Ramey
2nd- Gabrielle Sipes
3rd- Seliah Kinsey
4th- Jenna Dawson

Heat 2
1st- Marionna Ragan
2nd- Imani Wyatt
3rd- Sophizeona Adams
4th- Brooklyn Smith

Boys Standing Long Jump:

Heat 1
1st- Gabe Sipes
2nd- Garrett Yandell
3rd- Colton Floyd
4th- Collin Massey

Girls Softball Throw

Heat 1
1st- Maddie Shepherd
2nd- Ava Johnson
3rd- Abigail Brown

Heat 2
1st- Maekayla Bearden
2nd- Gabrielle Sipes
3rd- Candece Watson
4th- Cheyenne Broome

Heat 3
1st- Alani Silva
2nd- Belinda Mendez
3rd- Marionna Ragan
4th- Soledad Lopez

Boys Softball Throw

Heat 1
1st: Gabe Sipes
2nd: Robert Noel
3rd- Cordell Harris
4th- Blake Keller

Heat 2
1st- Bruce Shiett
2nd- Eli Flood
3rd- Brandon Fox
4th- Patrick Morrow
5th- Jayden Moseley

Heat 3
1st- Za’Marian Adams
2nd- Steven Parke
3rd- Jailen Bryson
4th- Chazz Tucker
5th- Joshua Pierce

Heat 4
1st- Justin Medley
2nd- Levi Saine
3rd- Robert Westbrook
4th- Skyland Johnson

Heat 5
1st- Jakob Ard
2nd- Logan Coleman
3rd- Raidyn Davenport
4th- Bren Duncan

Heat 6
1st- Nathan Rosser
2nd- Logan Rowlls
3rd- Walter Campbell
4th- Cash Bohannon
5th- Briceson Keith


Lawn Darts

Game 1
1st- Thomas Kincade
2nd- Cash Bohannon
3rd- Skyland Johnson
4th- Abigail Brown

Game 2
1st- Alyssah McElwee
2nd- Savannah Craig
3rd- Jada Hennon
4th- Caydence Ramey

Game 3
1st- Tomas Felix-Matias
2nd Tied- Ashley Teems
Chandler Jachimiak

Game 4
1st- Baylee Ramey
2nd- Nathaniel Ratledge
3rd- Logan Rowlls
4th- Patrick Morrow

Game 5
1st- David Rogers
2nd- Braylen Driggers
3rd tie- Steven Parke
Breann Shore

Game 6
1st tied- Brooklyn Smith
Jaden Barnett
2nd- Rosa Blackmon

Girls 50 Meter Dash

Heat 1
1st- Ashley Teems
2nd- Soledad Lopez
3rd- Cheyenne Broome

Heat 2
1st- Sophizeona Adams
2nd- Alani Silva
3rd- Jada Hennon
4th- Caydence Ramey
5th- Savannah Craig

Girls 100 meter dash

Heat 1
1st- Rosa Blackmon
2nd- Ava Johnson
3rd- Celide Tercero-Paiz

Heat 2
1st- Imani Wyatt
2nd- Seliah Kinsey
3rd- Maddie Shepherd

Boys 50 Meter Dash

Boys 50 meter dash
Heat 1
1st- Blake Kellar
2nd- Nathaniel Ratledge
3rd- Chandler Jachimiak
4th- Jaydon Moseley

Heat 2
1st- Levi Saine
2nd- Colton Floyd
3rd- Brandon Fox
4th- Joshua Pierce

Heat 3
1st- Jailen Bryson
2nd- Robert Noel
3rd- Bruce Shiflett
4th- Robert Westbrook
5th- Raidyn Davenport

Boys 100 Meter Dash

Heat 1
1st- Nathan Rosser
2nd- Jaden Barnett
3rd- Walter Campbell
4th- Za’Marian Adams

Heat 2
1st- Justin Medley
2nd- David Rogers
3rd- Garrett Yandell
4th- Tomas Felix-Matias

Heat 3
1st- Jakob Ard
2nd- Eli Flood
3rd- Collin Massey



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