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O Henry, you will be missed

The Menlo community is mourning the loss of their beloved Mr. Henry.

God made Mr. Henry special, from his extra finger to his larger than life love for Menlo School.

Henry Covington had been the custodian at Menlo School for 33 years. “I’m not gone, so I must be doing something good,” Mr. Henry said in a video posted by the school. “I’m here for the kids.”

And he was there always for the kids and the adults of Menlo School. He had a profound impact on the students and staff over the decades.

“When I first started my career at Menlo School twenty seven years ago, Mr. Henry took me under his wing and became a mentor of sorts to me,” Chattooga County Schools Superintendent Jared Hosmer said. “That turned into Mr. Henry becoming one of my closest friends. A friendship that I will truly miss. Just as so many others would tell you, I loved everything about him.”

Community members have been posting tributes to Mr. Henry on social media, here are a few.


“What can be said about Henry that hasn’t already been said or that people do not already know. Mr. Henry, as he was affectionately known was a staple in the community and especially at Menlo School for the past 30+ years. In that 30 years Henry was able to have an impact on every kid that walked those halls in that school. Whether it was buying kids ice cream or kids having to work with Henry, he was able to have a positive impact on them while they were at that school. Henry is what every school employee should strive to be, as we should all hope to be able to have the kind of impact that he was able to have. Henry was also a very selfless man as I have seen him put so many others above himself on many occasions. Henry loved his family, his kids, grandkids great grandkids and it showed in every conversation with Henry. Henry will be greatly missed by all who have ever known him.” Tyler Blalock


“As you look outside it’s a gloomy day. It’s not as shiny here on earth, but I bet those gates of Heaven are beaming. This precious soul was the biggest mentor to my husband many moons ago, and then to our boys at Menlo School. When they would need discipline, he chose to have them help him with his work while he had conversations about life lessons with them, and knowing B.J. Montgomery and our boys, they got many life lessons from him. What a blessing it was to know Mr. Henry. I’m so glad I got this photo a couple weeks ago at Menlo’s 8th grade promotion. We knew he wouldn’t miss seeing his kids off to high school one last time in the old school. Prayers for comfort for his family and friends.” Renee Montgomery 

“If roses grow in heaven, Lord please pick a bunch for us. Place them in Mr. Henry’s hands and tell them they’re from us. Tell him we love him and will miss him so, and when he turns to smile, place. Kiss upon his cheek and hold him for a while. But remembering him is easy, we will for it everyday. But there will be an ache within our MES hearts, that will never go away.

MES will miss you Mr Henry and hope you enjoy your heavenly home. Thank you forever for the love and service you showed to all at Menlo Elementary School.” Menlo Elementary School 

“Mr. Henry was one of my mentors at Menlo school I think I was like in the 1st grade when Mr Henry started working at Menlo, Mr Henry would get me out of class to help him clean or to just do what ever needed to be done. He taught me so many working skills.I think most of the time my class room grades came from Mr Henry. Because I spent about 70% of my time at Menlo with him. As I got older Henry got me a summer job with him at Menlo. When I got my 1st paycheck Henry took me to the bank to open up my 1st checking account. Like I said Mr Henry was my mentor and still is today and will always be. I learned so much stuff from Mr Henry, I can truly say This man was one of my teachers at Menlo school and will forever be missed.” Chuck Boyd 

Funeral arrangements had not been announced at the time of publication.

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Casie Bryant is the NW Georgia Regional Manager for AllOnGeorgia.

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