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Michael Lee’s Tattoos Album Released

Michael Lee’s country voice is rooted so deep in the heart of Georgia that it might as well be dripping with clay. And Friday, July 21st, he will be bringing all of that Gospel-infused Country sound back to everyone’s ears like a freight train with the release of his sophomore album, Tattoos. “From start to finish, this album is exactly where I am right now, spiritually and personally. I believe that God gave us the right songs for the right time,” says Michael. “It’s country. It’s rockin’! It has all of the sounds that I’ve ever been inspired by. Out of everything I’ve ever done, this is the album I believe I was created to make.”
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God’s Country is the first single to radio and will pull the listener into a time in American history “where we never thought to lock our doors at night” and when “Mamas never worried when their kids went out to play,” as the song states. It goes on to paint a picture of a life based on morality and what society has become as a result of putting God in the backseat rather than at the forefront of our lives. “People get so offended by things related to God, anymore,” Michael says. “What they don’t realize is that He is the only hope for each person in this world. If we want to see a nation founded upon love for their fellow man, we need to let God guide us, again.”

Micah Schweinsberg, half of the Red Hen Records production team with his father, Rick Schweinsberg, talks about what it was like working on Tattoos. “My favorite thing about this album is that it was created with the intention of winning souls more than awards,” he says. “I have connected with Michael’s heart from the first song I ever heard him sing, and over the years, we’ve collectively come to realize that our mission is much bigger than just how great something sounds. Our prayer is that this album lands in the hands of people who might be done with God or who may have never had an experience with Jesus. We wanted to make the Gospel relevant to the blue-collar Country Music fan who might have called it quits on pursuing a walk with Christ. This album is part of an intentional mission, and I’m thankful that God allows us to be a part of something greater than anything we can achieve on our own.”

Tattoos also includes 5 songs that Michael wrote or co-wrote, and a beautiful duet entitled “Near You” with legendary bluegrass artist, Rhonda Vincent, who also lent her voice to the background vocals on most of the album. There’s no doubt that this record is Country, but it twists and turns from New Country to Traditional Country with hints of Gospel Music, showing glimpses of Michael’s Georgia church upbringing.

Michael Lee, who once pursued Country Music with all he had, now pursues God’s Calling more than anything. He has found that God can restore anything that has been broken. He lives to drop that message into the ears and ultimately the lives of those who are searching. And he does it in the only way he’s ever known how – Country.

For tour dates and more information, go to, or find Michael Lee on any social media outlet.

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Casie Bryant is the NW Georgia Regional Manager for AllOnGeorgia.

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