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In Chattooga County, the Badge is a Shield FOR the Citizens

The recent tragic shootings of police officers across the country has made our nation weep and worry for the thin blue line that is there to protect and serve. And left many worrying who is there to protect our police officers. This past month has witnessed scenes more reminiscent of the 1960’s than 2016 and the racial tension and divide in the nation seems to be insurmountable.
Members of the law enforcement community in Chattooga County are not immune to the violence. “My staff and I have had a tremendous amount of support and words of encouragement during the past few months from the citizens of our county. With that being said, the recent attacks have brought about a conversation of concern among deputies. It truly changes a lot about the way they do their jobs. We have examined our ‘best practices’ in response to calls to make sure that the way that we have been doing our jobs is still the best and most safe method under these circumstances,” Sheriff Mark Schrader said.
The Sheriff’s Department, Trion PD and Summerville PD maintain a strong connection with county residents. Sheriff Schrader as well as Chief Stan Mosley and Assistant Chief Harold Tucker, along with Trion Police Chief Jason Kellett have all been committed to a consistent policy of community-policing. In Chattooga County, law enforcement officials rely on their actions to demonstrate that officers are dedicated to protecting and serving the citizens. “These men and women have gone out of their way to be honest and transparent to ensure the people that everyone we come into contact with are being treated equally and fairly,” Schrader added. Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office responded to 20,000 calls last year.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Cornbread

    July 19, 2016 at 5:31 am

    Mark you and all cops in this town have done a great job in protecting and serving all of us. I will always have you’lls back if you guys ever need anything. Someone messes with our law enforcement they mess with the whole town. May God Bless each and everyone of you guys!

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