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GBI Investigating Walker County Officer-Involved Shooting

A Walker County deputy was shot in the leg Sunday evening in Rossville while answering a ‘domestic’ call.

A Walker County deputy was shot in the leg Sunday evening in Rossville while answering a ‘domestic’ call.

Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson said a man and a deputy exchanged gunfire in Rossville leaving both men wounded.

News outlets report Walker County Sgt. Thomas Agredano was shot in the leg while responding to a domestic call on the 200 block of Claire Street in Rossville Sunday night around 9:15 p.m.

Sheriff Steve Wilson says Sgt. Agredano and other deputies approached 47-year-old Sherman Travis Thomas and noticed he had a weapon in his lap. Wilson says the deputies attempted to start a dialogue with Thomas who was sitting on his front porch, Thomas failed to comply with the officers and began shooting toward them prompting Sgt. Agredano to shoot him in return.

Wilson says Agredano is in stable condition and will be released Monday morning. Thomas was reported to be in stable condition.

Wilson says Thomas will be facing at least two charges of assault on officers.

The GBI is investigating the shooting.

The Walker County Sheriff’s Office Road Patrol Division consists of the following:

Four Sergeants
Four Corporals

Four shifts consisting of seven deputies per shift including the sergeant and corporal

The Road Patrol Division of the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for a variety of areas. Almost every call that comes through the 911 center ranging from violent calls such as armed robberies, murder, aggravated assault, burglary, domestic violence, and non-violent calls such as barking dogs, animals in the roadway, calls associated with the weather and road conditions. The Road Patrol deputies respond to all motor vehicle accidents on the roadway or private property accidents. Road Patrol deputies are responsible for serving and executing warrants. The road Patrol division initiates the majority of the offenses that are assigned to a detective. Reportable offenses are documented and submitted to sergeants for approval and sent to the Criminal Investigations Division for assortment and assignments. The Road Patrol Division patrols 445 square miles of roads within Walker County. Each deputy averages 30,000 miles per year for an approximate one million patrolled miles each year by the Road Patrol Division.


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