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Cydnee Thoreson is crowned the 2018 Miss Elite North GA

The 2018 MISS ELITE NORTH GEORGIA PAGEANT was held Saturday April 28th at Chattooga High School. The pageant has been a Northwest Georgia tradition since 2011.

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Winners are listed below for each category:

Baby Miss: Caroline Kersnowski
1st Runner-Up: Kamiyah Watkins
Prettiest Hair: Kamiyah Watkins
Prettiest Eyes: Sadie Edgeworth and Raylee Lamb
Prettiest Smile: Kamiyah Watkins and Lillian Rogers
Best Personality: Sadie Edgeworth
Most Photogenic: Caroline Kersnowski

Wee Miss: Harper Gordon
1st Runner-Up: Everlee Palmer
2nd Runner-Up: Kinsley McKee
Prettiest Hair: Harper Gordon and Jacelyn Rowlan
Prettiest Eyes: Kinsley McKee and Scarlet Seegar
Prettiest Smile: Harper Gordon
Best Personality: Kinsley McKee
Most Photogenic: Harper Gordon

Toddler Miss: I’Liyah Johnson
1st Runner-Up: Aubry Morrison
2nd Runner-Up: Zaylee Taylor
3rd Runner-Up: Blakely Wilcox
4th Runner-Up: Ryleigh Slayton
Prettiest Hair: Zaylee Taylor and Chloe Anderson
Prettiest Eyes: Aubry Morrison and Blaikely Rowland
Prettiest Smile: Zaylee Taylor and Daelynn Wallin
Best Personality: Daelynn Wallin

Tiny Miss: Jazlyn Parker
1st Runner-Up: Peyton Dover
2nd Runner-Up: Dixie Clark
3rd Runner-Up: Bristol Knapp
4th Runner-Up: Saylor Lanier
Prettiest Hair: Blair Johns and Janiecia Jackson
Prettiest Eyes: Peyton Dover and Karlee Keith
Prettiest Smile: Peyton Dover and Bristol Knapp
Best Personality: Blair Johns and Janiecia Jackson
Most Photogenic: Presley Aycock and Bristol Knapp

Little Miss: Ava Turner
1st Runner-Up: Jayleigh Parker
2nd Runner-Up: Mollie Woodard
3rd Runner-Up: Shaylie Smith
4th Runner-Up: Leeya Award
Prettiest Hair: Nevaeh Roberts and Leeya Ward
Prettiest Eyes: Lena Burrage
Prettiest Smile: Ava Turner and Shaylie Smith
Best Personality: Aubrey Green
Most Photogenic: Greta Brinkley

Young Miss: Serenity Hancock
1st Runner-Up: Isabella Pendergrass
2nd Runner-Up: Shelby Hill
3rd Runner-Up: Trystin McEntyre
4th Runner-Up: Isabella Davis
Prettiest Hair: Ashlyn Smith and Linley Rogers
Prettiest Eyes: Shelby Hill and Ella Donahue
Prettiest Smile: Isabella Davis and Ayva DeBerry
Best Personality: Isabella Pendergrass
Most Photogenic: Serenity Hancock

Petite Miss: Karys Pickens
1st Runner-Up: Olivia Casey
2nd Runner-Up: Zoiee Jarrett
3rd Runner-Up: Kennedy Dodd
4th Runner-Up: Abbie Woodard
Prettiest Hair: Kennedy Dodd and Gracie Hogue
Prettiest Eyes: Gracie Hogue and Karys Pickens
Prettiest Smile: Zoiee Jarrett and Olivia Casey
Best Personality: Olivia Casey
Most Photogenic: Karys Pickens

Jr. Pre-Teen Miss: Heidi Holder
1st Runner-Up: Abigail Roberson
2nd Runner-Up: Aleah Adams
3rd Runner-Up: Addie Mae Veatch
4th Runner-Up: Preslee Hurley
Prettiest Hair: Preslee Hurley, Demya Williams, and Ella Hurley

Prettiest Eyes: Preslee Hurley and Lindsey Gorham
Prettiest Smile: Abigail Roberson and Kaya Nadu
Best Personality: Heidi Holder
Most Photogenic: Abigail Roberson

Pre-Teen Miss: Auriyan McClure
1st Runner-Up: Cali Pena
2nd Runner-Up: Ella Hurley
3rd Runner-Up: Abigail Rogers
4th Runner-Up: Libby Veatch
Prettiest Hair: Cali Pena and Vianca Segarrow
Prettiest Eyes: Cali Pena and Abigail Rogers
Prettiest Smile: Libby Veatch and Viktoriya Wooten
Best Personality: Viktoriya Wooten
Most Photogenic: Auriyan McClure

Junior Miss: Emma Murphy
1st Runner-Up: Gracie Canada
2nd Runner-Up: Kaliegh Smith
Prettiest Hair: MaryAnna Bentley and Samantha Jones
Prettiest Eyes: Kaleigh Smith and Gracie Canada
Prettiest Smile: Gracie Canada and MaryAnna Bentley
Best Personality: Emma Murphy
Most Photogenic: Gracie Canada

Teen Miss: Anna George
1st Runner-Up: Colbi Jackson
2nd Runner-Up: JuliAnna Harris
3rd Runner-Up: Mykeria Williams
Prettiest Hair: Anna George and Colbi Jackson
Prettiest Eyes: Colbi Jackson
Prettiest Smile: Anna Georgia and Mykeria Williams
Best Personality: JuliAnna Harris
Most Photogenic: Anna George

Miss Elite North GA: Cydnee Thoreson
1st Runner-Up: Erin Tucker
2nd Runner-Up: Brooke Appelbaum
3rd Runner-Up: Lily Pierce
Prettiest Hair: Rees Davis and Lily Watson
Prettiest Eyes: Lily Watson
Prettiest Smile: Lily Watson
Most Photogenic: Rees Davis

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Casie Bryant is the NW Georgia Regional Manager for AllOnGeorgia.

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