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Bulldogs on the Big Screen

The Trion Bulldogs made their first debut on the set for the upcoming movie, “Heroes Battle” on April 23rd. The filming took place on Gordon Central’s football field located in Gordon County. The Bulldogs were asked to be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity, and were happy to do so.

For their scene, the Bulldogs had to throw it back with their early 80’s uniforms and soft makeup. Coach Justin Brown even had to grow his mustache out in order to fit his character better. Also, a few of the Trion students were asked to switch teams on the film, giving them the opportunity to make new friends.

Senior Murphy Khlouda played a huge role as a stunt double for the main quarterback because the director thought he had the same features as his character.

Everything is not quite what it seems when it comes to the Hollywood lights. The Trion athletes learned that a scene that will last around 45 seconds, could take up to 3 hours to film.
Once a shot was filmed, the same scene was shot once again, but at a different angle. Senior Devonya Farmer learned this, as he played a part as being a running back who gets tackled.
The countless takes add up when being tackled every single time. However, Farmer believed it was a cool way to end his senior football career.
After a total of six hours on the set, the Bulldogs realized being a movie star isn’t always glitz and glamour. Nervous at first, they realized it was laid back and all they had to do was go with the flow. Everyone in Trion, Georgia is excited to see their 45 seconds of fame as they wait for the release of the small town movie.


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Contributing Author: Bailey Del Favero

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