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Axe Throwing Coming to Downtown Summerville

The APPALACHIAN AXE CHALLENGE is coming to downtown Summerville.

The APPALACHIAN AXE CHALLENGE is coming to downtown Summerville. The axe throwing business will be located at 10100 Commerce Street in Summerville, in the building which was formerly Hops n Haze. Currently renovations are taking place inside the building to transform the bar/restaurant into an ace-throwing venue.
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The announcement of the new entertainment business was made via a Facebook post:

“Start planning to visit us soon. For those of you who do not already know, the sport of AXE Throwing is making a major impact around the world. Only in the past couple years has AXE Throwing began to make its introduction into the United States. With venues being opened in mostly large cities, we at APPALACHIAN AXE CHALLENGE are finally bringing you a venue that is most definitely a closer drive than Atlanta and at the same time situated in a prime location that offers less traffic for the commute, does not have a history of violence and criminal activity, all at the same time offering free parking. With being only 2 doors down from Jefferson’s restaurant, across the street from Thatcher’s BBQ, and many more locally owned and chain eateries close by you are sure to enjoy a great meal while challenging your friends with a few rounds of axe throwing…


In the beginning, we will be providing 5 throwing lanes that will consist of 2 targets in each throwing lane for a total of 10 throwing targets.

Our competitors will regularly cramp your style by placing up to 6 competitors per target or 12 competitors per lane. We are not a fan of over crowding. So here at APPALACHIAN AXE CHALLENGE we will, under normal circumstances, only place 2 competitors per throwing target. In the event a small group would prefer to not wait, we will consider increasing the number of participants per lane to accommodate all participants. Seating and tables will be provided for your comfort for whether you are waiting your turn, eating some dinner, or just giving moral support to your friends. Of course, we all know it wont take long before that moral support will turn into a challenge. Either way we have you covered.

Naturally there will be some rules and regulations to follow to keep a fun and safe environment. Everything will be discussed upon your arrival. However, please be aware that closed toe shoes are required to participate in AXE Throwing activities. We are also proud to say we are a tobacco free establishment but do offer outdoor seating to accommodate smoking, dipping, and vaping customers…

Reservations are alway welcome and recommended especially for groups to guarantee throwing lane availability. Our tentative opening date is March 14th 2020. We will update everyone with our progress as this date approaches. I hope to find that I have given everyone enough initial information to spark your interest and desire to come visit us. Please feel free to inquire with any questions or comments.

10100 Commerce Street
Summerville, Ga 30747
Note: We will be unable to reached by phone until opening day

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Casie Bryant is the NW Georgia Regional Manager for AllOnGeorgia.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. CarolBond

    February 18, 2020 at 10:55 pm

    For us older folks,can we watch while we eat? What type of menu and is there a winner jackpot or is it just competition between Friends? Interesting,and I can’t wait for opening day.

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