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2021 Miss Trion Pageant Coming April 17

The 2021 Miss Trion Pageant will be held at the Trion High School gym on April 17, 2021 at 1:00 p.m.

The 2021 Miss Trion Pageant will be held at the Trion High School gym on April 17, 2021 at 1:00 p.m.

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The proceeds from this event will benefit The Pride of Trion Band program.


Eligibility:  Any female student of Trion City Schools.  Please note: Reigning Queens cannot compete in the category in which they have been crowned Queen before, but they may participate in the next category if their current grade in school is in a different category.


Pageant Categories:

Wee Miss Trion – Pre-K through Kindergarten

Tiny Miss Trion – 1st and 2nd grades

Petite Miss Trion – 3rd and 4th grades

Little Miss Trion – 5th and 6th grades

Junior Miss Trion – 7th through 9th grades

Miss Trion – 10th through 12th grades


Directors reserve the right to combine categories due to lack of entries in a single group.


Entry Form and Fee:

Application should be made via the Google Form accessible on the TCS website. The entry fee is $30 for each contestant. Payment may be made on the school website, or submitted in a sealed envelope to your school’s front office no later than March 31, 2021 (Wednesday before Spring Break). Checks should be made payable to Trion Band Boosters.


Miss Photogenic is an additional $10 fee. Indicate entry on the online registration form.  Two different photos are required and will be returned.  Please write your child’s name on the back of the pictures and send in a large envelope to your school office, or drop them by the band room.  Photos can be picked up at the People’s Choice table in the lobby after the pageant.


People’s Choice Award:

A table will be located in the lobby so friends and family can cast votes for their favorite contestant.  Each vote will be $1.00 per vote.  The contestant with the most votes will be crowned during each category.



There will be a mandatory rehearsal on Friday, April 16th in the high school gym.  If you do not attend rehearsal, your child may not be allowed to compete.


Practice for each category are as follows:  Wee Miss and Tiny Miss – 6:00 p.m.    Petite Miss & Little Miss – 6:30 p.m.;   Jr. Miss & Miss Trion – 7:00 p.m.


***(Please note: practice times may run over if the groups are large.)***


Contestants may want to bring the shoes they will be wearing in the pageant for practice walking across the stage.  Contestants will be directed on their walk the night of practice.  Please note these times may vary some according to how many contestants are participating.


Dress Code:

All contestants should wear an age appropriate dress.

Guidelines: no dress should reveal any skin on the abdomen, dresses should not be cut lower than mid back, all cut-outs and neckline should not be revealing, the length of dress or slit in dress cannot be higher than mid thigh.


Directors reserve the right to disqualify a contestant from participating if the Dress Code is not followed.


A professional photographer will be set up before and after the pageant to take photos with for packages that may be purchased.  Please set aside time before or after your contestant’s event to have photos taken.  Photos will be taken of all winners in each category and can be purchased upon request from the photographer.


Afternoon of the Pageant:

Arrival times and holding room assignments for each category will be given the night of rehearsal.  Please be on time and have your child in the appropriate location to ensure they are lined up and ready to walk.  No dads are allowed in the holding rooms.


Because this is a fundraiser, there will be a $5.00 admission fee for anyone entering the event, to include parents.  Admission tables will be set up at front & side entrances. Children pre-school age will be admitted free.


Intermission: There will be an intermission after Little Miss category.



The concession stand will be open the day of the event. There will be smoked BBQ nachos and sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza, drinks, candy, etc.


Deadline: Applications and fees due Wednesday, April 31

Practice:  Friday, April 16  (see times listed above)

Pageant Day:  Saturday, April 17 begins @ 1:00 (category arrival times TBA @ rehearsal)

For more information:  contact Bob Steelnack at (706) 331-5187 or email

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