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Summerville City Council Meeting Agenda

The Summerville City Council meeting will start at 5:00 PM, on July 13, 2020.

To join the meeting, there are two options:

To join by computer or smartphone (internet access required) go to

Please click the link below to join the webinar:


Zoom Webinar ID: 876 4003 3755
Zoom Password: 136339

You will need to download the Zoom app to your computer or smartphone, and it is not necessary to create an account. You will be able to hear audio, see the video, and have your audio heard during the comment portion before the meeting.

To join by telephone:

Call: +1 646 876 9923 (long distance rates may apply, US based number)

Provide the below meeting ID when prompted: 

Meeting ID: 876 4003 3755

Password:  136339

This will enable you to hear audio, and have your audio heard during the comment portion prior to the meeting.



City of Summerville

P.O. Box 180

Summerville, GA 30747

Harry Harvey, Mayor      Kristy L Dennis, Seat 3

David Ford, Seat 1                Joe Money, Jr., Seat 4

Dana W Mosley Seat 2           Zachary Martin, Seat 5


Regular Called Meeting

July 13, 2020

5:00 P.M.

(1) Call to order

(2) Roll Call

(3) Invocation


(4) Pledge of Allegiance


(5) Approval of Meeting Agenda

(6) Consent Agenda



  A. Mayor’s Comments – Harry Harvey

i. Announcements/Comments
ii. Introduction of guest/visitors

 (7)   Reports and Presentations


City Attorney – Albert Palmour

City Manager – Janice Galloway
Financial Report (Attachment)

(8)    Old Business


a. Open Request for Proposals for servicing of city fire  



               i. Discussion

    ii. Action






(9) New Business


       a. Approve minutes:            


              i. Discussion

             ii. Action


         b.  Presentation form Chris Cates from Inman Solar concerning

             the City of Summerville property located in the industrial

             park. A Georgia Power Solar Initiative:


              i. Discussion

   ii. Action


        c. Authorize the city to apply for the ARC Grant up to $600,000

             for water transmission lines and approve GEFA as the basic



              i. Discussion

             ii. Action


         d. Approve Allen Smith Consulting to write the ARC Grant,

            pursuant to procurement from July 2019:


            i. Discussion

             ii. Action


         e. Considering approving Carter & Sloope to apply for the ARC

            Grant, pursuant to Request for Qualification (RFQ)that ended

            in October 2019:  


              i. Discussion

            ii. Action      


       f. Consider approving a four-year leasebetween Community

            Leasing Partners and the City of Summerville for the purchase

            of SCBA equipment(first annual payment of $27,004.88 included

            in FY 2020 – 2021 Budget)(see attachment):


        i. Discussion

        ii. Action

        g. Approve Payments to the following:  


Chattooga County Water District for well #7 water usage in the amount of $16,166.97 (see attachment):

The Town of Trion for Hays State Prison water consumption in the amount of $14,515.60 (see attachment):

            i. Discussion      

            ii. Action


       h. Approve the purchase up to $50,000 forWell site #2, test

            well #1:


          i. Discussion

            ii. Action


      i. Consider authorizing the conversion of Well site #2, test

            well #1, to be developed into a production well.

              i. Discussion

              ii. Action


        j. Discuss drilling at Well Site #1, test well #2:


            i. Discussion

              ii. Action

    k. Executive Session-possible litigation:


            i. Discussion

            ii. Action


(10)  Public Comments

(11)  Adjournment



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