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City of Summerville Agenda for August 12th meeting

The City of Summerville’s AGENDA for the Regular Called Meeting to be held August 12, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.

The City of Summerville’s AGENDA for the Regular Called Meeting to be held August 12, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.

Harry Harvey, Mayor Earl H. Parris, Seat 3
David Ford, Seat 1 Joe Money, Jr., Seat 4
Lloyd “Buddy” Windle, Seat 2 Zachary Martin, Seat 5


(1) Call to order
(2) Roll Call
(3) Invocation
(4) Pledge of Allegiance
(5) Approval of meeting agenda
(6) Consent agenda (reserved)
(7) Reports and Presentations
A. Mayor’s Comments – Harry Harvey

i. Introduction of guests/visitors
ii. Other announcements/comments
a. Main Street – Susan Locklear
b. Code Enforcement – Joey Norton
c. Water Treatment Plant – Jason Greene
d. Wastewater Treatment Plant – Chris Tuggle
e. Public Works/Utilities – Terry Tinney
f. Recreation – Bo Chamlee
g. Police – Stan Mosley
h. Fire – Robbie Lathem

i. City Attorney – Albert Palmour
j. City Manager – Janice Galloway

i. Financial Report (Attachment)
ii. Comments
(8) Unfinished Business
a. Consider authorizing City Manager, Janice Galloway to
proceed with a Request For Proposal (RFP) for a Water
& Sewer Rate Study:
i. Discussion
ii. Action
(9) New Business
a. Approve minutes from July 8, 2019 meeting:

i. Discussion
ii. Action

b. Consider approving the re-appointment of Melvin Mosley, as
Commissioner for the Housing Authority of the City Of
Summerville for a five-year term (see attachment):
i. Discussion
ii. Action
c. Consider appointing Dan Mosteller as a New Library Board
i. Discussion
ii. Action
d. Consider approving a Quit Claim Deed between the City of
Summerville and Ragland Oil Co. (see attachment):
i. Discussion
ii. Action
e. Authorize City Manager, Janice Galloway to proceed with
a Request For Proposal (RFP) for Solid Waste Services:
i. Discussion
ii. Action

f. Consider approving a one-year minimum agreement between Courtware
Government Software Solutions and the City of Summerville, as the
Records Management Software, for the Police Department and the
Municipal Court:
i. Discussion
ii. Action
g. Consider approving CCR Environmental,Inc to conduct
Environmental Monitoring for the Wastewater Treatment Plant
In the amount of $10,480 to be paid from technical services
(see attachment):
i. Discussion
ii. Action
h. Consider approving the Summerville Fire Department to sell 19
Survivair self-contained breathing apparatus(SCBA) and 37 SCBA
Cylinders that are out of service on GovDeals:
i. Discussion
ii. Action
i. Consider approving Allen-Smith Consulting to conduct Uniform
Appraisal Act for the ARC Grant to be paid out of the ARC
Grant Funds(walking trail):
i. Discussion
ii. Action

j. Presentation from Code Enforcement Officer Joey Norton
concerning clean and lien properties:

i. Discussion

k. Discuss Sewer Collection lines.(reports attached from
two groups of engineers):
i. Discussion

l. Discuss finding and funding a designated area to be used as a dog

i. Discussion

m. Discuss signage for vicious dogs:

i. Discussion

n. Discuss and hear updates on the Streetscape Project:

i. Discussion

o. Consider the reorganization of the Utilities/Public Works
Department. As these departments have grown and become more
complex, the need to define the departments into two divisions
has become necessary. The divisions will be as follows:

 Water Distribution Lines,Sewer Collection Lines, and Gas
 Street Department
i. Discussion
ii. Action
p. Executive Session:
i. Discussion
ii. Action
q. Consider approving Allen-Smith Consulting as Grant Writers and
Administrators for the Redevelopment Fund Grant for the
Montgomery Knitting Mill property:

i. Discussion
ii. Action
r. Consider approving Carter Watkins Associates Architects, Inc
for Architectural Services for Historical Properties for the
design of the Montgomery Knitting Mill property for the
Redevelopment Fund Grant:
i. Discussion
ii. Action

(10) Public Comments

(11) Adjournment

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