John Barge Announces Candidacy for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District

Former Georgia School Superintendent John Barge recently announced his candidacy for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

Graves, Perdue, Loeffler Send Joint Letter in Support of Aviation School in Paulding County

The letter urges the expedited completion of an Environmental Assessment, which needs to be done by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) before the state can begin construction of the new school.

Kevin Cooke joins 14th District Congressional Race

State Representative Kevin Cooke has joined the Congressional race in Georgia’s 14th district set to be vacated by current Congressman Tom Graves at the end of the year. 

Jensen Announces Candidacy for Whitfield Board of Commission Chairman

Jevin Jensen is running for Commission Chairman in Whitfield County. Jensen announced his candidacy for the seat earlier this week.

Catoosa Commissioners Considering Restricting Public Input at Meetings

The Catoosa County Board of Commissioners is set to consider an amendment to the commission meeting rules and procedures at the next meeting and citizens worry that the measure would stifle free speech.

Congressman Graves Gathers with GA-14 Service Academy Appointees

Congressman Tom Graves recently hosted a send-off dinner in Calhoun to honor the students from the 14th Congressional District who were appointed to attend...

Candidate Meet and Greet at the Courthouse

Steven Henry, Chairman of the Catoosa Board of Commissioners, heads up a local group that is hosting what Henry calls "an old-fashioned meet and...

Early Voting: What You Need to Know

Did you know that the State of Georgia has statewide primary elections in two weeks? Last Monday, April 30, marked the start of a three-week...

Tarvin 2018 Voting Record: 7.6% of Votes Were NO Votes

The Georgia legislature has adjourned for the 2017-18 session, but the effects of their votes are sure to linger for much longer than the...

BOC Meeting: County Employee Wage Increase, Body Armor, Cell Phone Towers,

The Catoosa Board of Commissioners had a slate full of topics to decide at the March 20 regular meeting.  And a rare room full...