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Ogeechee Technical College Awarded $159,200 Nursing Education Program Expansion Grant

Ogeechee Technical College was recently awarded a $159,200 Nursing Education Program Expansion Grant by The Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce.

“We couldn’t be more excited about receiving the Expansion Grant from The Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce,” said Jackie Howard, Nursing Program director. “The awarded grant will be used to purchase additional lab equipment that will improve hands-on skill acquisition in labs and ultimately improve pass rates and increase retention in our programs.”

One piece of equipment purchased through the grant is the newly acquired SimBabyTM. The SimBaby is a tetherless pediatric simulator designed to help students recognize and respond to a number of critical illnesses that may affect pediatric patients.

“The advanced technology included in the SimBabyTM gives students the opportunity to effectively respond to and treat pediatric patients who are likely to have very different physiological responses compared to adults,” said Howard.

In addition to the SimBabyTM, the funds have been used to purchase several other pieces of equipment including two simulation crash carts that simulate medication dispensing to help students learn how to prepare and dispense medication in real time.

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