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Bulloch Public Safety

SE Ga Road Work: Weekly Traffic Interruption Advisory May 15 – 21

Georgia DOT continues essential road work throughout Southeast Georgia.  As a result, work on construction and maintenance projects will continue Saturday, May 15 through Friday, May 21.

All work subject to change due to weather or other factors. Motorists are cautioned to reduce their speed while traveling thru work zones, pay attention and watch for workers.

Traffic interruptions are listed below by interstates, categories, and counties.

Interstate 95 Interruptions 

Bryan & Chatham Counties

I-95 Striping Operation                           

US17 to Quacco Rd. overpass bridge

Slow moving rolling lane closures with temporarily block ramps

Nightly, 7pm thru 6am starting May17


Bryan County

SR 144 @ I-95 (Exit 90)                                                  

From Thunderbird Drive to Longwood Dr in Richmond Hill

SR 144 New traffic pattern thru interchange

traffic shifted to newly constructed southside under bridge


Interstate 16 Interruptions

Bulloch, Bryan, Effingham and Chatham Counties

SR67 to I-95        

Lane closures for slab repair & replacement/Asphalt shoulder repair

Monday thru Sunday:

From Milepost 126 to 142 East and West Bound, from 6am to 7pm

From Milepost 142 to 157 East Bound, from 8pm to 6am


Effingham County

Old River Road Exit 148

Lane closure for guardrail work and paving

From Milepost 147 to 148 Eastbound

From Milepost 149 to 148 Westbound

Saturday thru Thursday 9am until 4pm


Chatham County      

I –16 Exit 167 A&B                                                           

Gwinnett St. & MLK Ramps

Lane closures for Bridge Overlay Construction

Weekday Mon.-Fri. nightly 7 pm to 5 am

Weekend continuous 7pm Friday thru 5am Monday


Bridge Closures and Road Detours

Bulloch County

Spring Creek Road Open to traffic                               

Spring Creek Bridge replacement complete

Road Opened on 5-10-2021


Bulloch County

Arcola Road @ Upper Black Creek Bridge                  

Near Rozier Rd

Road closure for the bridge replacement project

Expected reopening:  November 2021

Detour Route: SR 46, SR 67, Brooklet-Denmark Rd, Mud Rd


Candler County

Excelsior Church Rd @ Ten Mile Creek                      

Near Dutch Ford Road

Road Closure for the bridge replacement project

Expected reopening:  July 2021

Detour Route:  Dutch Ford Rd, Turner Rd, Jones Rd


Bridge Construction, Rehabilitation, and Maintenance

Chatham County

Islands Expressway                                                       

From Elba Island Rd to Oatland Island Rd

East & west single lane traffic flow

Continuous until further notice


Glynn County

US17/SR25 on Sidney Lanier Bridge                           

Lane Closures for Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Monday thru Sunday, from 6am to 6pm



Glynn County

SR 25/US 17                                                                    

MP 0.05 to 2.37 Pavement Preservation

Nightly lane closures for milling and asphalt inlay


Other Traffic Interruptions

Screven County

SR 24                                                                             

MP 8.6 Road Repairs

Daily lane closures for repair of dip in roadway


Wheeler County

SR 19                                                                            

MP 18 to 27 Pavement Preservation

Daily lane closures for asphalt overlay

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Eric Yance

    May 16, 2021 at 9:16 am

    I understand the need for repairs. I know interstate work can be dangerous. Here are a couple of suggestions NIT angry response. Sat. 15th on 85 stunt near Sharpsburg, sign said “left lane closed” about a half mile out. SHOULD have said “1 lane only merge to right lane”. It kept bottle necking down to 1 lane. Trafficking was backed up for at least 15 miles. Then, when you get to work area, there is 1 MAN with concrete saw cutting groves and one putting in wire. Then about a mile there is 1 man SITTING on a machine, 1 man talking to him, 1 man sitting leaning on the barricade sleeping. I am doing about 1 mph so got a good look. Then it was about another mile before it opened up. I suggest signs and comes about 5 miles out moving traffic to the 1 open lane, with a Sheriff or State trooper every mile making sure people move over. Then get a CREW of more than 5 or 6 people working. I applaud you working on Sat to keep most people from being late for work. It is not your fault that gas was in shirt supply this weekend, however, thousands of gallons were waisted. It took 1 hour and 14 minutes to get through. Thank goodness the 2 State troopers or Sheriff cars sitting in the median were letting people move pretty fast.

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