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Bulloch Sheriff’s Office Responds to Viral Video, Deputy Files Incident Report Against Complainant

The following statement was sent out at 5:40 PM on Thursday, March 21. The press release included two incident reports related to Mr. Glover that were not related to the incident on Wednesday, March 20. They have not been including in this article but are available for public review at the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office reports that Glover had a reckless driving incident report filed against him by Captain Rountree. That incident report is below.

Original story:

VIDEO: Bulloch Resident Says He was Stopped by BCSO Without Cause

The Sheriff has been contacted by several citizens concerning the incident that
occurred yesterday involving one of his employees. An administrative review of the
incident has been completed and the Sheriff would like to provide this information
that is based on all the facts we have available at the present time.

Yesterday Captain Rick Rountree was traveling down 301 South while conducting
official business for the Sheriff’s Office. Rountree observed a vehicle in the lane in
front of him attempt to perform a lane change. Rountree noticed that a white
passenger car, driven by Christopher Glover, refused to allow the vehicle over, and
seemed to be doing it purposefully. After the vehicle was finally able to merge Mr.
Glover made two abrupt lane changes in a reckless manner. Captain Rountree then
merged into the right lane to prepare for an upcoming right turn. At this point Mr.
Glover was in front of him and began waving his hands. At this time Rountree felt he
needed to speak with Mr. Glover about his aggressive driving and activated his blue
lights and both vehicles pulled into a parking lot.

The majority of the remainder of the incident was captured by Mr. Glover’s cell
phone. It appears obvious that Glover began berating Captain Rountree as soon as he
approached Mr. Glover’s vehicle. Glover appeared to give Rountree little opportunity
to explain why he had stopped him and continued to talk over Captain Rountree.
During this exchange Glover cursed at Captain Rountree multiple times. Mr. Glover
refused to give Captain Rountree his driver’s license which is a violation of Georgia
Law (40-5-29b Every licensee shall display his or her license upon the demand of a law
enforcement officer. A refusal to comply with such demand not only shall constitute a
violation of this subsection but shall also give rise to a presumption of a violation of
subsection (a) of this Code section and of Code Section 40-5-20.)

Captain Rountree returned to his vehicle to request an additional unit but decided not
to do so and left the scene to prevent the situation from escalating further.
While the verbal exchange between Captain Rountree and Mr. Glover was recorded it
is in dispute between the two of them exactly what happened on the roadway.
However, we feel the credibility of Mr. Glover is diminished by the fact he is the
subject of two previous reports for similar road rage incidents involving other civilians.
In both incidents the involvement of weapons were reported and in one incident
Glover reportedly yelled a racist insult at the other driver.

The Sheriff would like to encourage all citizens to cooperate when they are stopped by
law enforcement, even if they believe they have not committed a violation. This is a
safety issue, not a who is right or who is wrong issue. Yelling and cursing at a law
enforcement officer only destabilizes the situation and aggressively rushing towards a
law enforcement officer’s vehicle is downright dangerous. Captain Rountree may have
made some inappropriate comments towards the end of this exchange but the
confrontation appeared to be precipitated by Mr. Glover. Mr. Glover appears to have
a history of such confrontations. It is the policy of the Sheriff’s Office not to comment
directly on personnel matters concerning an individual employee. The Sheriff would
like to give the assurance that any policy violations will be dealt with. The Sheriff
would also like to encourage Mr. Glover to perhaps get some help with some of his
anger issues. The incident yesterday is one of three known to this agency. The report
completed by Captain Rountree along with the reports previously mentioned will be
made available. Mr. Glover was afforded the opportunity to file an official complaint
but has not done so at this time.

301 South Incident

Jessica Szilagyi is a former Statewide Contributor for



  1. MB

    March 21, 2019 at 10:15 pm

    Not surprised at the response. It’s never the cops fault: they could catch them shooting someone to death for no reason and all they’d get is “paid leave and a reprimand.” Stay classy Bulloch….

  2. Dustin

    March 22, 2019 at 1:44 pm

    Bulloch deputies are notorious for imposing make-believe laws and rules for their own convenience. Looks like Glover was pulled over for doing the speed limit while Rountree was trying to “get somewhere.” Pretty hard to make a crime out of that. I wonder how many other deputies would have been called and what Glover would have been arrested for if he didn’t have his camera running.

  3. Eric

    March 23, 2019 at 12:11 am

    Interesting how there was no mention of any “wreckless driving” on the video. This report was to cover Officer Rountree’s inappropriate, unprofessional, and disgraceful conduct. It is amazing how we will throw the credibility of a citizen under the bus and not mention the vast array of misconduct that has taken place by law enforcement, their credibility. I am truly saddened that these encounters take place and the relentless efforts to “protect their own”. The system is flawed and the citizens will suffer. #MAGA

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