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Air Evac 95 Statesboro Base Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary and New Location

Photos: Brooke Willis / AllOnGeorgia 

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Today, Air Evac celebrated their 5 year anniversary with a formal ceremony at their new location on Highway 67 at the Kiwanis Fairgrounds.

In front of a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd, Bulloch County Commission Chairman Nevils addressed the crowd:

“It’s so nice to see such a good crowd this morning to join us in congratulating Air Evac for their beautiful, convenient location here. We’re very fortunate to have Air Evac in Bulloch County and we just want to thank them for their presence and their service. It’s good for all of our citizens not only in the county but in this area. It’s a great location and very convenient. It saves minutes a response in an emergency situation and we are happy to have them here and we wish them all the success in the future!” 

Additionally, regional director of base operations Jeff Davis said:

“First of all, I would like to thank all of you for being here this morning. It’s an honor to be here and see all of these faces. It’s because of you that we’re here.” Davis then shared a story of a two instances where two of his own family members were flown to the hospital via Air Evac on the same day, saying The Lord got his attention. “From my heart, I know what happens when people need access, and the main thing is that we want to work with the community and be a part of the community and work with all of the folks in the area, EMS, hospitals, and everyone to be a support. We know it can make a difference. I thank you for your support and we’re lucky to have this community to work with this great staff.”

The Air Evac staff hosted a reception following until 2 p.m. for members of the community to stop by.

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