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Proposed Bulloch Industrial Park would dump 60,000+ tons of solid waste at Broadhurst

The increasingly controversial proposed industrial park set to be considered by the Bulloch County Planning & Zoning Board on September 8th is causing a stink all the way down in Wayne County after the Bulloch County Departmental Review report indicated that any solid waste from the park could be dumped at Jesup’s Broadhurst facility.

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Located roughly 4 miles from I-16 on Highway 67 going toward Bryan County, the nearly 4,700 acre proposal is larger than the Savannah Regional Airport, larger than Macon’s biggest industrial park, and trumps the other existing industrial parks not at capacity in Bulloch County.

The land set to be considered by the Planning & Zoning Committee is currently zoned for Agriculture, but that may not be the case for much longer. Landowner Dan Bradley Jr. of Bradley Plywood/Bradley-Dixie Co. wants to develop the property. It would be the only development of it’s type in that area of South Bulloch County where cotton fields and Mom & Pop shops scatter the rural area.

One third of the land is wetlands and the area is home to endangered gopher tortoises and indigo snakes, as indicated by the Bulloch County Departmental Review report. The Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia/Ogeechee River Keeper previously expressed concerns over the proposal due to the lack of available information on what is desired by the property owner.

Of concern for Wayne county, however, is the expected 62,050 tons of solid waste projected to leave the Industrial Park every year, likely rich with cancer-causing pollutants like xenobiotics, benzene, tar build up, and hydrocarbons, among other things. Bulloch County does not currently have the resources or infrastructure to accommodate the waste, which is why the county is proposing the diversion to Wayne County.

According to the report on solid waste expectations for the Park:

Nearest Existing Solid Waste and Recycling Centers: Denmark Recycling Center. Municipal type solid waste would have to be privately provided and processed through the Transfer Station in Statesboro.

Waste Generation Estimate: 62,050 tons is projected annually at build out

Undetermined Impact: According to the DRI report, the estimate is approximate and could vary. The landfill capacity is available by today’s metrics, but may not be at the time of build out. This may also impact the county’s cost to purchase additional air rights at the Broadhurst landfill in the future.

Broadhurst Landfill has become a thorn in the side of the community with regard to the coal ash dumping and the diversion of coal ash from other communities to Jesup. Concerns have arisen over the effect on the groundwater and the surrounding bodies of water.

Though the Planning & Zoning Board previously denied a request by property owner Dan Bradley, Jr. over a lack of available information for an informed decision, elected officials from all over have voiced their support of the massive complex. State Senator Jack Hill, State Representative Ron Stephens (who does not represent Bulloch County), and Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle of Gainesville have all weighed in, by way of formal letters, on the issue to the zoning board expressing their support for the industrial park.

The State Representative for the area, Jan Tankersley, has not voiced her opinion in favor or against the issue and the issue has yet to make its way to the Bulloch County Commissioners as approval by P&Z is required before that could happen.

The Planning & Zoning Board is set to meet on the issue on Thursday, September 8, 2016 at 6:00 P.M. at the Bulloch County annex.

Clerk for the Bulloch Board of Commissioners – 912-764-0169

State Representatives for Bulloch County
Jan Tankersley – Covers the area to Bryan County –
Butch Parrish –
Jon Burns –

State Senator Jack Hill (Bulloch County)–

State Representatives for Wayne County:
Bill Werkheiser:
Chad Nimmer:

State Senator (retiring as of December 31) Tommie Williams

Jessica Szilagyi is a former Statewide Contributor for

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