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Mask Challenge USA Launches National Campaign To Donate PPE To Medical Workers And First Responders

You have masks delivered to your door, the proceeds go to delivering masks to first responders and front line workers.

Mask Challenge USA announced this week that it launched a national campaign on with the goal of providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to our frontline doctors, nurses and first responders.

The American public will now have the opportunity to purchase non-medical grade, 3-ply masks for their families and have them delivered to their homes quickly.  The 3-ply masks help decrease the spread of COVID-19 by reminding individuals to not touch their face while also minimizing the spittle from talking, sneezing or coughing. Proceeds from this campaign will be used to buy much-needed N95 and KN95 masks along with other PPE items that will be delivered directly to hospital systems across the United States.

“There are many sites where you can purchase general public masks on the internet but they have long lead times and can be expensive.  Our disposable masks can be delivered to your front door within 2-5 days to anyone in the U.S. for $1 a mask.  The majority of your $1 is then used to purchase medical-grade PPE for the doctors, nurses and first responders who need it the most,” says Dr. Aaron Ali, founder of the Mask Challenge USA.  “In essence, we are using the ingenuity of the American public to help our healthcare system quickly and smartly.”

Companies and organizations are also encouraged to participate in the Mask Challenge USA by purchasing masks for their employees, which will enable more PPE to be donated to medical workers and first responders through the campaign.

On April 3rd, the Centers for Disease Control released their recommendation that people wear face coverings while in public to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Since then, many local governments have followed suit with that recommendation and several have even made it a requirement to be in public. The need for masks has increased exponentially.

The Mask Challenge USA team is comprised of doctors, nurses, supply chain and logistics experts along with other healthcare innovators who are committed to creating a smarter solution to the PPE supply challenge.

For more information and to order masks, visit:

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