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FUNetix Reading App Launches Nationwide Challenge to Give Away 21,000 Kindle Fire Tablets to Children Who Are Struggling With Reading

The Great Kindle Giveaway is part of the “Yes I Can, Learn to Read in 12 Hours!” challenge. 

FUNetix has built a revolutionary reading app that is 100% free to any child using any smartphone or tablet. Parents or teachers can simply download the FUNetix app from the App Store, Google Play or the Amazon App Store to participate. Our goal is to empower 21,000 children with Kindle Fire Tablets with the FUNetix app pre-loaded.

Parents are encouraged to film their children periodically while they learn to read in 12 hours, and to send their videos to the American Youth Literacy Foundation (AYLF), 501 c 3, dba FUNetix at Selected videos will be featured on the website and trophies will be awarded.

“Every child who graduates from the FUNetix app is a ‘Real Hero of Children’s Literacy,’ paving the way for millions more, by showing them that learning to read is easy, and within the reach of anyone who is willing to commit 12 hours to the challenge with the patented FUNetix decoding system,” said Mr. R. Kali Woodward, Esq., Founder and Executive Director of FUNetix and AYLF. “Our mission is to ensure that every child in America learns how to read before they finish 3rd grade; and FUNetix is a 100% free and benevolent app (no login, no signup, no in-app purchases) created by a wonderful, all-volunteer team; and any child, anywhere in the world can download and use the app to learn how to read in just 12 hours.”


FUNetix was born out of Mr. Woodward’s background as an Arabic linguist with the 101st Airborne and his profound need to find a better way to teach his own son how to read, since his child was struggling to learn in school. Complete background information about the development of, and science behind the app can be found at and

Companies and NGO’s: Help enable our underserved children, families and communities to participate. Sponsor the Great Kindle Giveaway in your community! To become a partner in literacy and education within your community, go to From there you can tell us about your city or town, and we will work with you to deliver Kindle Fire tablets locally.


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