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INSIDER: Effingham Clerk of Court Candidate Christina Wilson

Christina Wilson is one of 5 candidates vying to be Effingham County’s next Clerk of Court.
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Due to the social distancing guidelines, we have converted our traditional AllOnGeorgia candidate video interviews into short questionnaires. Each candidate in the race was provided an identical questionnaire with the same deadline. Answers were not edited in any way.

The Primary Election was moved to June 9th.
The last day to register to vote in the primary is May 11th.
Early voting begins May 18th.
To sign up to volunteer as a poll worker, click here.

Please provide a brief bio on yourself.

I was born and raised in Clara, MS. I joined the United States Coast Guard after graduating high school in 1991. I moved to Effingham County in 1994, where I have lived in Clyo for 24 years . I have been married to my husband, Kevin, for 14 years and we have one daughter, Bailee Grace, who is 11 years old.

What experience do you have that properly equips you for the position of Clerk of Court?

I have worked in Accounting since 1997 in various positions, mainly as an Office Manager for different companies. I successfully managed an office with 7 staff members for 4 years with minimal turnover. As an Accountant, I understand the importance of meeting deadlines and ensuring the integrity of records. I also worked in the Effingham Clerk of Courts Office under the current Clerk, Mrs. Elizabeth Hursey for 4 years. Under Mrs. Elizabeth’s guidance and training, I was able to learn and work in most positions in the Clerk’s Office. I began in real estate, then moved to Superior and Juvenile Court. I assisted with State Court civil and criminal whenever necessary. I prepared and submitted all Superior and State Court cases for the appeals court, as well as all Juvenile case appeals. I assisted the Chief Deputy Clerk with daily deposits, assigning Superior Court criminal cases, and jury selections as needed. I am the only candidate with a strong Accounting background AND experience in the Effingham County Clerks Office.

How do you view the day-to-day role of the Clerk of Court? (The balance between managing the office, working with other elected officials, and general public servant work; daily duties and responsibilities; etc.)

The day to day role of the Clerk is definitely important and hectic. That’s why it’s so important that the person elected must possess the qualities necessary to balance it.  The Clerk must be able to prioritize, meet deadlines and be able to manage an office, the public and other organizations with genuine care. It’s easy to say “I can do it”, but doing it is another story. That is why experience in all these areas is so important. If you have experience but do not have the ability to work with others effectively, or vice versa, you aren’t the best for Effingham County. I have both the experience and leadership skills to successfully be the next Clerk of Court.

What practices are in place in the Clerk’s Office that you think are important to carry over into a new administration?

Mrs. Elizabeth has always managed the disbursements to the State and County herself. I think that is a huge indicator of her commitment to the citizen’s of Effingham County. The amount of controls she has in place to ensure the protection of funds collected is remarkable. As an Accountant, I will continue to oversee and manage all disbursements as well as the controls she has in place.

How can the Effingham County Clerk’s Office be more efficient? 

Mrs. Elizabeth has done an amazing job as you can tell. It would be an honor to be the person to fill her shoes. However, I would like to implement the ability for the office to accept credit and debit cards. Our State Court Judge, Ronnie Thompson, works very hard to limit the amount of time that people are in court during traffic court, and he does a fantastic job. However, half of those citizens then must leave in order to get cash or a money order. If elected, this is the first issue I will attempt to improve.  

How can the Clerk’s Office be more transparent about activities and finances?

I believe the Clerk of Superior Court’s Office is transparent about activities and finances. Audits are done regularly by outside firms and almost all records are available to the public. The Clerk’s  duties are statutory in nature and are found in the Official Code of Georgia in hundreds of statutes created by the state legislature.

What types of practices do you plan to implement to advance the office technologically?

The Effingham County Clerk’s office is provided computers by the Georgia Superior Courts’ Cooperatives Authority. I would like to implement the use of technology between the Clerks’ office and other county departments. For example, using technology to improve record processing times between the Tax Assessor and the Clerk’s office.

Will any other employment or business venture in which you are vested present a conflict of interest for you as Clerk of Court? Please explain your answer.

No. I am not vested in any business venture nor would I have any other employment. Being the Clerk of Superior Court would be my priority everyday.

Why do you want to be the next Clerk of Court of Effingham County?

I want to be the Clerk of Effingham County because I love the office and I love Effingham County.  Working with Mrs. Elizabeth was a pleasure. Watching the commitment she has for the Office and seeing her interact with the people of Effingham was a joy. I want to preserve that integrity for Effingham. I want the citizens of this county to have a Clerk who is just as committed, as honest and as easy to deal with as she is.

Is there anything else you would like the public to know about you?

I would be honored to be your next Effingham County Clerk of Superior Clerk. I work hard and would work tirelessly to ensure that the integrity and commitment you’ve known  for the last 35 years, will remain.  Thank you for your support.  

Please check out my Facebook page: Christina C Wilson for Clerk of Superior Court for more detailed background Information or to message or email me.  

Jessica Szilagyi is a former Statewide Contributor for

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