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Long Lines Outside of Convention Center for Jekyll Comic Con

The doors opened to the third annual Jekyll Comic Con on Saturday a little bit late, sending cheers up at the front of the line. Towards the back, and for those that were coming for the next couple of hours, many of fans complained about staying outside in the cold.

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Tickets to the 2-day event were sold online in two different physical offerings. Patrons could pay for the email version, which could be printed or the cell phone could be shown to the volunteers at the door.

For a little bit more, a physical collectible ticket was mailed, a tear off tab made their entry very quick and very convenient. The rest of the ticket stayed with the person, ready for a scrapbook.

Inevitably, most of the public bought the emailed tickets, which had to be checked off of a list manually. There was only one list and only one line because of fraud concerns. A person could potentially buy one ticket and print it off numerous times with their friends walking up to different lines, similar to fraud that other pop culture conventions have experienced in other cities.

Several hundred showed up to pay for their admission by cash or credit card at the door and were able to enjoy the Comic Con quicker, to the dismay of the email ticket holders.

Picture-takers took advantage of the downtime to have cosplayers pose for shots, the Comic Con spilled over to the lines outside.

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