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General Oglethorpe’s Birthday Celebrated at Fort Frederica

Ladies of the Neptune Garden Club decorated Fort Frederica for two special occasions. Christmas is later this month, as everyone knows. Their efforts were also for another person in red garb that has an event in December as well.

General James Oglethorpe, known for establishing fortifications to secure the Georgia Coast known as the Carolinas, turned 320 years old on December 8th and celebrated it with fanfare on Saturday.

Mickey Wendel lead the Coastal Brass Choir in holiday favorites while the Neptune Garden Club graciously serving the warm apple cider and cookies.

General Olgethorpe walked with the Captain Heron’s British redcoats of the 42nd Regiment Afoot from placard to placard on the lawn, describing details of the lives of the colonists, the soldiers and some of the controversy that plagued him recently. Well, as recent as 1743.

At 3 pm, Captain Heron took his men back to the breezeway where they fired multiple black powder volleys in celebration and toasted to the colony of the Carolinas, His Majesty King George and to the General.

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