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Fmr. Glynn PD Lt. Files for Arrest Warrants of Chief Asst. District Attorney

A former Glynn County Police Lieutenant has filed an application for a criminal arrest warrant against the chief assistant district attorney in the Brunswick Judicial Circuit.

A former Glynn County Police Lieutenant has filed an application for a criminal arrest warrant against the chief assistant district attorney in the Brunswick Judicial Circuit.

Former Glynn County PD Lieutenant David Haney filed his application for the warrant in Wayne County on Monday afternoon alleging that Chief Assistant District Attorney John B. Johnson III made false statements (O.C.G.A. 16-10-20) and violated his oath as a public officer (16-10-1) during a GBI investigation in the Robert Cory Sasser murder case, in which the former Glynn County Police Officer murdered his estranged wife and her boyfriend and then killed himself. 

But the application for criminal warrants was filed based on audio recordings from an Open Records Request Haney received from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on Friday – one day after he testified before a grand jury during proceedings related to how he and others within the Glynn County Police Department handled accusations against another Glynn County police officer. Haney submitted the audio recordings as exhibits with his application Monday. 

In the application, Haney contends that Johnson committed the offense of making a false statement in August 2018 when he “knowingly and willingly made a false representation to Special Agent Lawrence Kelly of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in that said accused stated his relationship with Robert Sasser was ‘professional,’ was asked “did you have any interaction with him (Sasser) outside of work?”, and accused stated “No, no,” but that Johnson, upon being presented with a photograph of Johnson and Sasser on Sasser’s phone, later stated “that [it] would have been a social relationship now that you mention it.”

The audio recordings, which were provided to AllOnGeorgia, detail John B. Johnson’s statements exactly as described in Haney’s application. Johnson states that the relationship with Sasser was just professional and that he “didn’t have much interaction with him.” When asked by the GBI agent about the photo of Sasser and Johnson ‘embracing’ on Sasser’s phone, Johnson said while laughing, “I have no clue.”

The application also suggests that Johnson committed the offense of violation of oath by a public officer when he violated the terms of his oath as prescribed by law “by committing the crimes of making a false statement to Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Lawrence Kelly.”

Haney, a tenured law enforcement officer, has been vocal about the way the district attorney’s office handled the Corey Sasser case from the beginning and criticized the office for refusing to allow a law enforcement witness to testify at Sasser’s bond hearing not long before Sasser killed two others and himself. But last week, in what many in the community say is an act of retaliation, Jackie Johnson’s special-appointed prosecutor asked a grand jury to indict Haney and three others on felony violation of oath by a public officer and perjury charges. The grand jury returned a true bill of indictment late Thursday evening. 

But last week’s indictment is irrelevant to the probable cause established regarding Chief ADA Johnson’s statements to the GBI, Haney said. “As I told the grand jury the other day, it is my opinion, John Johnson, because of the way he handled things, because of his relationship with Cory, because of the way he handled the bond hearing, in my opinion, he has blood on his hands of two innocent victims.”

Haney had to file the application with the Wayne County Clerk of Court after Magistrate Judge Gary Browning refused to accept the document. Superior Court Clerk Frances Yeargan accepted the sworn application, noting that a judge from outside the judicial circuit may have to be brought in for the probable cause hearing on the application. The Brunswick Judicial Circuit encompasses Appling, Camden, Glynn, Jeff Davis, and Wayne counties.

You can read the document below


Jessica Szilagyi is a former Statewide Contributor for




    March 3, 2020 at 2:01 am


  2. Kevin W. James

    March 3, 2020 at 2:04 pm

    Jessica Szilagyi; you want a Systemically Corrupt Georgia Case? involving: Cobb county Judge(s) City of Marietta Prosecutor? Several Attorney(s) that also work and Function as Cobb county Magistrate Court Judges? and one as a Dekalb county Judge? Plus the previous Cobb County D.A. Chuck Boring? who is Now the Head of the JQC? and also involves the Judge(s) panel of the Georgia Court of Appeals? as the Higher Court provides “Moral Cover” for the Lower Court(s) in their Quest for the Back Channel payments of the Federal Title IV (d) & (e) $ Money $ directed toward them, as their State Judge Pension plans and their county Pension plans were about to Collapse and were drying Up; as for the County Pension plans, they did NOT even contribute to, which the Police & Firemen contributed to, while the Judges were removing money before retirement as the Marietta Daily Journal reporter Aleks Gilbert authored on November 1st 2019 so they ALL are GREEDY in going after Money, and will Author “Conflict” in Divorce Actions and Destroy the Relationships between either parent and their children in order to keep those Back Channel payments of Title IV (d) & (e) $ money $ ongoing. Please Reference Georgia Court of Appeals Case # A20D0042 where i authored and EXPOSED their systemically Corrupt Ways in that Appeal. They Denied it, with Zero reason given; as it is their Fiduciary responsibility to do so; as in ie Due to OCGA law or Ga Constitution, etc this is WHY we Denied your appeal etc. As their Goal is to Stonewall you and Exhaust you; financially & mentally as long and as Far as they can to Keep their Title IV $ money $ coming. Necessary to file with the Ga Supreme Court (Again: as in 2016 case #S17D0316 i filed to Recuse the Cobb co Judge who is Off the Rails! and the Supreme Court Agreed with me with a Unanimous 9-0 Decision to Recuse Judge S. Lark Ingram) then again in Case # S20C0487 announcing basically “Were Back!” SS DD with the Same Judge; S. Lark Ingram who refuses to Recuse! Basically i ran for Public Office; State House Rep District 43, to pick up Fallen Senator Nancy Schaefer’s Torch and to help shine the light in Dark places where State House Rep D 43 Sharon Cooper does Not want people to look? Those Back Channel payments of Title IV (d) & (e) $ money $ distributed to the members of The Judiciary. So S. Lark Ingram felt compelled to “Re-Enter” the CAFN after she Had Closed the CAFN back in August 2016, and then authored more erroneous / fictional narrative(s) one non-amendable Defect after another to cover Up their Criminal behavior on Court Record as they collectively together directly Violating O.C.G.A. § 16-10-20.1 (Felony) with her Court Accomplices; which is “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations” (RICO) Law Violations 18 U.S.C. § 1961 (1) (2) (3) as the Judge cannot Sue a person directly, only “Indirectly” as the Judge weaponizes her position and choses a Tool (an atty) to file the Fictional Narrative on Court Record O.C.G.A. § 16-10-20.1 collectively filing Felony Violation on public / court record while in a political contest. Basically “Kavenaughing” the Father; as his political campaign platform was “Marriage Law Reform” As they took my “Special Needs” son away from me / The Father; For Nothing, No Rhyme or Reason, or for any Crimes committed; after my Special needs son had already authored 3 different parent of Election Affidavits to live with the Father; and not the Mother. The Mother; was a personal injury Case Manager at a Local Doctor’s office; What could she Do? Distribute work to the “Enterprise of RICO” While the Mother Has moved without Notifying the court, and our Son has Not been in School since October 2017? all Unexplained! Direct “Contempt of Court” issues. That the Cobb County Judge(s) Directly Violates Uniform Rules of the Superior Court of Georgia Rules & Regulations manual. These are Criminals masquerading around in black robes! and USE Children as Their Weapons of Choice? These Are SICK people! and should NOT be on the Bench in any capacity; Just so these Sick mined, Greedy Judge(s) can keep their Title IV (d) & (e) $ money $ flowing! Sick! as America Leads the World in Sex Trafficking and Georgia Leads America in Sex Trafficking! and where do those Children come from? Foster Care! The Title IV (e) is the Back Channel payment that Senator Nancy Schaefer Exposed! of those Back Channel payments to the members of the Judiciary for placing those Children in Foster Care! Tearing families apart; This is a SICK, Demented Group of People that Need full exposure! Who Harm children and their parents in their Grist Mill wheels of Injustice. The A.B.A. and the State Bar is a Well oiled Machine, and now run a propaganda campaign; with announcements on the Airport speakers; that Georgia Leads America in Sex Trafficking is Because . . . we have an International Airport?” Total BS, as they are intentionally throwing smoke off the FIRE of the Real Issue at hand. This is just part of The “Intrinsic Fraud” they collectively Cultivate, while perpetuating Extrinsic Fraud on the Citizens of America and around the World. Where does the Title IV (d) & (e) $ money $ come from? our Social security Resviour and draining it down to Nothing, and who distributes those Funds? DHS, and Who sits at the Chair of DHS Sharon Cooper. Q: How many Conversations do you think Sharon Cooper & Nancy Schaefer had over this subject? Then Nancy & Bruce Schaefer are Found Murdered on their property in D 50 Habersham county? But the GBI Ruled on it Being a “Murder / Suicide” and they Cannot Find the Gun? Just How in the World does That happen? There Needs to be a Full FBI investigation into the GBI investigation into this matter. Plus when a Judge is in Contract with the Federal Government to Receive the Title IV $ money $ those Judge(s) have LOST All Credibility to “Discern” U.S.C. § or O.C.G.A. § case Law. But Now are Sitting in a “Ministerial” position to Count the money they are about to Recieve. So basically they are Clerk, and Are Not sitting as A Judge to Discern Law. They are also in Direct Violation of their “Mandatory Judicial Notice” they Swore on a bible to Protect and Serve the Citizens of Georgia, and Not Abuse them, and USURP Their very basic Civil Rights! while destroying the Families of Georgia in the process. As “The Family” either together or apart; Due to Divorce, is the very DNA to the Thread of the Moral Fabric That Weaves this Great Nation of Ours Together, Destroy the Family, then it is then a slow march to Progressivism, and more government services and Socialism . . .

  3. Kim

    March 3, 2020 at 10:36 pm

    I am not sure of much anymore regarding Glynn County. I certainly see frustration with the DA, but the judges at any time can over rule and never do in my experience of sitting in a courtroom several times while many otber cases are heard. Now, the issue is an ADA stated no interaction with Sasser , but a lictire says different. Maybe he should have answered yes and no worries according to a former attorney i trusted . No bond . 17 honor student with a job. I couldnt figure it out . I went to social media and there it was on ——-‘s page, a day on the river with residents where we lived. On xaxax come to find out our son sat in s9meones car. He remained there when the homeoener came out and gave his name and address. 5 police cars come.. 2nd degree burglary. , two other cars too. This neighborhood had several auto entry issues that things were actually taken and maybe they thought it is him all along. I tell my attorney about personal friendship and ADA has ties to our neighborhood, why no bond? He says Jackie will just put someone else in there to do what they want. Of course, i questioned what was hapoening and that pissed the arogant attorney off. Damn he just represented 1 of 3 all over.the paper here and Jacksonville with a table full of stolen items who got immediate bond. Attorney says, their mother’s knew how to keep their mouth shut. Sorry, arogant attorney, but after 6 weeks no bond their mouth wouldn’t be shut.. i was told, personal interaction was nothing. So, now No previous convictions in the neughborhood. No threats, no weapons .not on any current probation bond and in the end banished from home in high school. The HOA attorney said absolutley they could not ban him from home unless they get a judge to agree , they did. There is much more as well. A first degree burglary added when a neighbor says his home was ransacked in broad day light before 7pm. It was spring , but doesn’t call police until the next day? Never saw proof . But attorney said plea guilty while our son was spoke to alone .or they will possibly give u 50 ywars. . Plea, what plea nothing was dropped or reduced. 2 weeks left of school , junior year. We had to withdraw to keep from failing . Semester lost. How about the school counselor even came to the bond hearing to state character and honor student. No bond . And the judge just agrees.

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