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Sen. Ossoff Delivering Rail Upgrades Between Metter & Register

Rail line upgrades will help farmers get product to market faster

U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff announced that he is delivering long-needed freight rail upgrades between Metter and Register.

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-Rail line upgrades will help farmers get product to market faster

-Rail line connects goods with the Port of Savannah

-Upgrades will also improve pedestrian & roadway safety

Working closely with the Candler County Industrial Development Authority, Sen. Ossoff brought Republicans and Democrats in Congress together to deliver the new resources to upgrade the rail line.

The project will fix 12.3 miles of rail between the two cities, helping transport goods faster and safer, such as fertilizer for farmers and lumber to build homes.

The project will replace 6,000 rail ties, resurface 65,000 track feet, install 3,000 tons of rock ballast, improve two community crossings, replace an existing culvert in like-kind, and repair an existing bridge and encase steel bridge parts to prevent corrosion.

“I worked to build support in the Senate and pass with Republican and Democratic support new resources to repair and upgrade the Metter-Register short rail line in Candler County, which is vital for our state’s agricultural sector and economic development in the region,” Sen. Ossoff said.

“We are so grateful to Senator Ossoff and his staff for understanding how vital this railway is to our economic growth and working so diligently to ensure we could get the funding we needed for these repairs,” said Hannah Mullins, executive director of Candler County Industrial Development Authority.

“The Georgia Southern is a critical transportation link for Candler County,” said Jamie Caton, vice president of Government Relations for Patriot Rail, the parent company for the Georgia Southern. “The dedicated funding will rehabilitate the line from Metter to Register, providing better transportation options to the local community. The project will improve safety, create jobs and stimulate economic growth in the region. “We appreciate Candler County Industrial Authority and Senator Jon Ossoff’s work and dedication to growing rail freight in Candler County.”

Sen. Ossoff secured the $1.1 million for the project through last year’s government funding package.

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