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Secretary of State Announces Launch of Georgia Registered Voter Information System – GARViS

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger held a press conference on Thursday, March 9 announcing the successful launch of the new Georgia Registered Voter Information System:

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Election officials from across Georgia joined Secretary Raffensperger and our partners in the project, MTX, Salesforce, and Transform, to highlight the improvements to Georgia’s voter registration process using this one-of-a-kind technology purpose-built for Georgia.

“GARViS is a tremendous step forward in the security and accuracy of Georgia’s voter registration system,” said Secretary Raffensperger. “This voter registration system truly reinforces Georgia’s status as the #1 state in America for election administration.”

GARViS is the product of over 150,000 hours of development, testing, and training efforts culminating in the largest scale, fastest rollout of a top-down, statewide voter registration system in American history. The new system will take Georgia’s voter registration system to the highest standard of security on Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FEDRAMP) servers.

“When people ask us, ‘How do we know who voted? How do we know it’s real? How do we know it’s fair?’ Because we have the receipts we keep on this secure system. That’s how we know,” said Gabriel Sterling, Chief Operating Officer. “Don’t let anybody believe there are dead voters voting or double voting in any significant way, because it’s just not true.”

GARViS will host over 12,000,000 voter records, including 7 million active voters, and 833,000 inactive records. Over 100,000,000 voter history records will be stored in the GARViS system. GARViS will replace the system known as ENet, using the highest standards of technological innovation and security.

Secretary of State Raffensperger engaged Salesforce to provide the critical infrastructure, MTX as implementation partner, and Transform to help guide this modernization initiative. Transform’s team of experienced executives and operating professionals has a deep understanding of business and technology transformation – especially in the critical area of change management crucial to modernizing Georgia’s election infrastructure.

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