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Herschel Walker Announces Official Qualification to Run for U.S. Senate

Herschel Walker announced today that he has officially qualified to run for senate:
Today, Herschel Walker officially qualified to run to be Georgia’s next U.S. Senator.
“This race is not about me,” said Herschel Walker. “This is about saving our country and the great state of Georgia from President Biden’s disastrous agenda which has led to higher prices, out-of-control crime, dangerous open borders, and ‘America Last’ foreign policy. Weak leaders create bad results — and we are sick and tired of politicians not being held accountable for their actions. If the course of my life has proven anything, it’s that no one can outwork me, and I always find a way to win.”
“This election is a simple choice between a trusted conservative warrior and a rubber-stamp for President Biden,” said Campaign Manager Scott Paradise. “Washington Democrats plan to spend millions of dollars to protect Senator Warnock and his 95% Biden voting record. We will spend every day between now and November reminding Georgians that soaring gas prices, skyrocketing inflation and record levels of crime fall squarely on the shoulders of Joe Biden and Raphael Warnock.”
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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Pam

    December 2, 2022 at 3:40 am

    Like Trump, he really has no qualifications. Anyone can run their mouth about what they think is wrong but this isn’t someone who has the experience, nor the knowledge to actually represent either Georgia or Texas. Did he figure he couldn’t win Texas or even get on the ballot so he would run in Georgia. I don’t even understand how he can run in Georgia not based on saying Texas is his legal address. He is just taking Trump advice, and that right there shows me he doesn’t have the intelligence nor the education to be in Congress. So tired of these celebrities wannabes to get in to bolster their own power. Go run in your own home town for lower positions run for dog catcher, get on the country board, something to know what’s at store. Do something to work your way up the ladder like most people do. Does he even know how Congress works, how bills are developed. I doubt it. Not from what I have seen. Where are his actual plans, his budget aspirations and how to get there – you know the hard traceable facts that some of the agents that can vet it for seriousness? What a shame. To him this is just a way to get easy cash while he does something else privately and leaves people twisting in the wind because he doesn’t know what or how to do the job.

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