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Which Special Services Does Georgia DDS Offer for Veterans & Active Military?

On Veterans Day, the GA DDS reminding Georgia veterans and active military personnel of special licensing and testing services dedicated to them year-round. 

On Veterans Day, the GA Department of Driver Services (DDS) is reminding Georgia veterans and active military personnel of special licensing and testing services dedicated to them year-round.

“For the men and women who have served the United States through military service, DDS welcomes the opportunity to honor you,” said Commissioner Spencer R. Moore. “Please review the special military licensing options available, because it is our way of saying thank you. I am especially proud of the veterans that are part of the DDS Team and continue to serve in many roles throughout the state. It is because of your sacrifices that we are able to enjoy all the freedoms that are abundant today.”

DDS supports veterans and our active military in several ways that include:

  • Free licenses and IDs for veterans (upon presentation of eligibility from the Georgia Department of Veteran Services)
  • A flag emblem on driver’s licenses and ID cards for veterans (standard fees apply)
  • Free licenses and IDs for active National Guardsmen (upon presentation of eligibility from their command)
  • Honorary Licenses/IDs for the spouse of a deceased veteran or the spouse of a disabled veteran who does not drive
  • Even Exchange Program allows qualified military drivers to be exempt from the knowledge test for obtaining a CDL
  • Military Skills Test Waiver Program  (Skills Test Waiver) allows drivers with two years’ experience safely operating heavy military vehicles to obtain a CDL without taking the driving test (skills test)
  • Special testing exemptions for troops and their dependents who have an approved military motorcycle safety program
  • Accepts certificates for military supervised Risk-Reduction Programs
  • Courtesy renewals by mail for active troops and their dependents stationed out of state
  • Fort Benning, GA – home to the first DDS Customer Service Center located on a military installation; provides convenient licensing services to the approximately 120,000 military, reservists, retirees and civilian personnel who support the Base daily

DDS reminds all customers that during this emergency period Online Services and the free mobile app, DDS 2 GO, are the safest and most efficient ways to handle your licensing needs. Read the DDS Covid-19 response at this link

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