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New Public Website Shows Interactive Do Not Call and Robocall Data

As part of its continued efforts to help make the Do Not Call (DNC) data it collects more transparent and easier for consumers to use, the Federal Trade Commission has announced the debut of a new interactive public web page containing a wealth of information about the National DNC Registry and unwanted telemarketing robocalls.

The page allows consumers to search the data interactively, for example, by clicking on a specific state or county. The information will be updated quarterly. In the past, similar DNC and robocall complaint data was only available to the public annually in the FTC’s Do Not Call Data Book.

Link to interactive dashboard showing do not call complaints over time by call topic.

Take a look at the ever-growing ‘do not call’ list data:

Using a Tableau Public interface, consumers can now access reports about the number of DNC and robocall complaints filed from their state, and see how that information compares with complaints filed by consumers in other states or nationally. Users also can do specific searches to determine what types of telemarketing calls consumers are reporting, such as live calls versus robocalls. In addition, because consumers often specify the type of telemarketing call they are reporting, users can explore the database by topic.

Finally, the new page will let users search for the types of calls that are currently prompting the most complaints to the Commission, and track the complaints over time to look for trends in the data. The page also contains the more basic DNC and robocall statistics the FTC collects, including the number of consumers with numbers on the Registry, the number and types of entities that are accessing the Registry to scrub their call lists, and the number of robocall complaints by month.

Explore the FTC’s Do Not Call data, fraud data, and identity theft data here.
Visit the new new interactive public web page here.

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