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Georgia Power & Georgia 811 Team-up to Raise Awareness for National 811 Day

Georgia Power and Georgia 811 continue to work together to raise awareness for National 811 Day on August 11 (“8-11”).  Georgia Power wants to remind customers to do their part to prevent dangerous and disruptive accidents by contacting 811 before digging.

Georgia Power has a long history of working with Georgia 811, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to preventing damage to underground utilities and promoting public safety, to ensure that projects are safe and comply with the “Georgia Dig Law.” The law requires contact with Georgia 811 before mechanized digging to have buried power, communications, gas, and water lines marked, typically with flags, spray paint or both, to help prevent injuries, unintended service disruptions, repair costs, and fines. Contacting 811 is also recommended for smaller, manual jobs, such as planting trees, installing fences or mailboxes, or other digging activity.

Georgia Power works throughout the year to remind customers of the importance of calling 811 or visiting, to enter a location request at least three days before they dig. There is no charge for 811 location requests. Once the request is received, Georgia 811 notifies affected member utility companies, who send a professional technician to identify and mark underground lines.

A Public Safety Announcement (PSA), produced in partnership with Georgia 811, demonstrates how quick and easy it is to have underground lines identified. The PSA can be viewed on Georgia Power’s YouTube page.

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