Today, the Georgia Department of Human Services’ (DHS) Division of Family & Children Services began issuing a third round of 2021-22 P-EBT benefits, this time covering the 2022 summer months for eligible children. SNAP-enrolled children ages 0-5 and 5 who turned 6 during the school year, as well as K-12 students who participated in the National School Lunch Program, will receive the one-time $391 benefit issuance.

These summer benefits – covering the months of June and July 2022 – will be issued to eligible children based on the following schedule.

HOH client ID ending in

Benefits will be available on

00 – 09


10 – 19


20 – 29


30 – 39


40 – 49


50 – 59


60 – 69


70 – 79


80 – 89


90 – 99



Children who are SNAP recipients will have the benefits loaded onto their current head of household’s EBT card. Children who are no longer receiving SNAP will have the P-EBT benefits loaded to their head of household’s previous EBT card, provided the state could match the child’s identity from a previous year. Eligible non-SNAP students will receive a P-EBT card or, where applicable, have the benefits loaded onto a prior P-EBT card if they received benefits in a past P-EBT issuance. If this is the first benefit issuance to an eligible child, a new card will be provided.

DHS continues to work with federal partners on various opportunities to maintain and enhance children’s access to nutritious meals. For more information on P-EBT, including a list of frequently asked questions, visit dfcs.georgia.gov/services/pandemic-electronic-benefit-transfer.