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GA Dept of Ag: Georgia Wine and Grape Producers Fail to Approve Marketing Order

Georgia wine producers voted against implementing a marketing order that would create an assessment on all taxable wine produced by licensed Georgia wineries.

Of the fifty-eight percent of the eligible growers that voted between February 8th and March 9th, only thirty-eight percent voted in favor of the marketing order. The order would have allowed the Georgia Wine & Grape Commission to assess wine produced by licensed Georgia wineries at a rate between 5 and 20 cents per taxable liter. The final rate would have been set by the members on the commission after establishing budgetary goals and priorities for the funds. The assessment would have been effective upon notification to the licensed wine producers.

The Commission, which was created by the Georgia General Assembly in 2019 at the request of the Georgia wine industry, proposed the marketing order to raise funds for research on grape and wine issues and promote Georgia wines.

If the commission desires, they can attempt to pass a marketing order again in twelve months.

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