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BY THE NUMBERS: Georgia’s COVID-19 Case Numbers Analyzed

Have you wondered what the actual breakdown of COVID-19 stats in Georgia mean? What percentage of the deaths are in people with underlying conditions or those over 65?
Here you go –>

Note: This data is based on the 12PM report from the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) on April 17, 2020

Population of Georgia: 10,617,423
% of Georgia Population over 65: 13.9% (per 2019 Census data)

71,684 tests have been administered
17,194 confirmed COVID-19 cases
3,324 people hospitalized in Georgia
650 deaths reported
*Georgia does not differentiate between outstanding tests and ‘negative’ tests.

61% of confirmed cases are in persons age 18-59
34% of confirmed cases are in persons over 60
1% of confirmed cases are in persons age 1-17
4% of confirmed cases are in persons whose age is unknown by DPH

54% of confirmed cases are in women (Females make up 51% of the Georgia population)
44% of confirmed cases are in men
2% of cases are in persons who sex is unknown by DPH

DEATHS: Consideration of Underlying Medical Conditions

  • 69.69% of deaths reported were people with underlying health conditions.
  • 3.38% — or 22 people — were those with no underlying health issues.
  • In the remaining 26%, it was unknown whether or not the people had underlying health issues.

DEATHS: Consideration of Age

  • 74.6% of the people who died were over the age 65.
  • Of the deaths of people under 65 years of age, only 8 of the 163 people had no underlying health issue.
    • That accounts for 4.9% of the deaths under 65 and 1.23% of the total deaths in Georgia to date
  • Another 37 people under 65 were listed as ‘unknown’ with regard to any underlying health issue.


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