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Supreme Court of Georgia Updates Its Rules

The Supreme Court of Georgia has approved comprehensive revisions of its rules, which govern Court operations, filings, and other administrative aspects of the state’s highest appellate court.

The new rules will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2024, “except to the extent that, in the opinion of the Court, their application to a pending matter would not be feasible or would work an injustice.” The updated rules may be found on the Court’s website HERE.

“The Court is ever mindful of its rules and periodically adjusts them when changes in practices or protocols become necessary. These latest revisions will modernize our rules, bringing them up to date with current technologies as well as best practices shared by other state and federal appellate courts,” Chief Justice Michael P. Boggs said. “Our overall aim is to ensure our rules reflect the most efficient and accessible operations of our Court and give parties who may interact with our Court more helpful and practical guidance.”

Among the more substantial changes to the rules are:

  • Rule 13.1(b): Allows pro se, or unrepresented filers, to use the Court’s electronic filing system without seeking special permission from the Court;
  • Rules 16-22: Revises formatting and typography requirements for briefs and shifts from page limitations for briefs to word counts;
  • Rule 26.1: Imposes a requirement for appellant counsel, applicant, or movant to submit a Certificate of Interested Persons at the time of the initial filing;
  • Rules 40-41: Clarifies the standard for granting certiorari and requires the petitioner to include the question(s) presented by the case in the petition for certiorari;
  • Rules 46-48: Clarifies the process of and requirements for other state and federal courts presenting certified questions to the Supreme Court of Georgia.

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