None of the weather threats that Georgia faces have done more damage statewide than flooding, yet less than two percent of homes in the state are covered by flood insurance. Governor Brian Kemp has declared September as National Preparedness Month, with the goal of Georgians being “Prepared, Not Scared,” for floods and any other disasters, both physically and financially.

“National Preparedness Month is the both an opportunity and a reminder that Georgians need to prepare for disasters long before they strike,” said GEMA/HS Director Homer Bryson. “We were fortunate with Hurricane Dorian, but in the past year we’ve seen people lose their homes and livelihoods across the entire state. Having emergency plans in place and making sure you have adequate insurance to cover any property losses, along with a rainy day fund, can help provide Georgians with financial peace of mind in the event of a disaster.”

In the past 25 years, all but one of Georgia’s 159 counties have experienced flooding of varying severity. The extensive damage across the state drives home the importance of being prepared, and one of the best ways to do that is with a combination of insurance policies, to include flood insurance. While insurance doesn’t prevent damage, it aids in the recovery process by ensuring financial resources are available quickly.

Throughout the month, the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency’s (GEMA/HS) Ready Georgia campaign is encouraging all Georgia residents to begin planning now for disasters by developing their emergency plans for both their families and communities, and obtaining or reviewing homeowner’s, renters and flood insurance policies. The Ready Georgia page of the GEMA/HS website offers tools to assist people in creating these plans, and specifically addresses insurance planning. Taking a single action each week puts you one step closer to being fully prepared for any emergency, making you, your family, and your community more resilient.

Additional preparedness information is also available from your local EMA director.

As part of the Office of the Governor, GEMA/HS works with local, state and federal governments, in partnership with the private sector and faith-based community, to protect life and property against man-made and natural emergencies. In addition, GEMA/HS employees are on 24-hour call statewide to assist local authorities when disaster strikes. GEMA/HS’s Ready Georgia campaign helps Georgians prepare for disasters. Go to for information on developing a custom emergency plan and Ready kit.

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