The pilings are intended to mark an area where permitted shellfish growers can use floating gear tethered to the bottom of the river. An example of a shellfish harvest area with floating gear is seen to the right (to right on desktop; above on mobile devices). Note, the area pictured is in Mud River, McIntosh County, and is not the Bull River location where pilings were recently installed. When authorized, similar strings of floating gear will be installed by new shellfish leaseholders in both the Bull River mariculture zone in Chatham County and the Mud River mariculture zone in McIntosh County. This floating gear may impede navigation within permitted shellfish harvest areas.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Coastal Resources Division

Georgia DNR reminds boaters to check their equipment, including running lights, on their vessels regularly. While GPS and other computerized navigation aids are helpful, they should not be used as the sole means of navigation.

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