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Georgia DDS Motorcycle Safety Program Receives Grant

The Department of Driver Services’ (DDS) Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program (GMSP) has received a $122,572.52 grant for the 2022 funding year from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS).

This award will be used to help reduce motorcycle fatalities, increase driver awareness of motorcycles, and educate motorcycle riders about safety initiatives.  According to the Insurance Information Institute, motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in a crash than an automobile rider.

DDS Commissioner Spencer R. Moore explains, “The grant from GOHS enables the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program (GMSP) to continue making the roads safer for riders and non-riders.  We thank GOHS for our strong partnership to help educate and encourage all Georgia drivers to Share the Road.”

The GOHS grant allows the GMSP to continue its efforts promoting state and national safety initiatives. The GMSP promotes driver awareness of motorcycles on the highways, rider education at 31 locations across the state and motorcycle safety initiatives.

The GMSP also regulates motorcycle training for new and experienced riders. Classes focus on riding a motorcycle legally and safely.  GMSP offers classes with increasing levels of difficulty including the Basic RiderCourse (BRC), the Basic RiderCourse2 (BRC2) and the Advanced RiderCourse (ARC). The BRC is for new riders, and students do not need a motorcycle or equipment to take this class. Upon passing this class, a rider obtains a 90-day license test waiver that exempts them from both the written and on-cycle skills test needed to earn a Class M license in Georgia.

GMSP Program Manager Holly Hegyesi describes the importance of the program and its initiatives, “Motorcycles are complicated to ride, and we want to ensure everyone has access to proper rider education.”  “Motorcycle safety classes are essential for new and experienced riders alike.  Almost one third of motorcycle fatalities involves a rider without a valid license.”

You can find GMSP on Facebook (Georgia Department of Driver Services), Instagram (@georgiadds) and Twitter(@GeorgiaDDS).  To enroll in a motorcycle safety class, go to Motorcycle Safety Program. For easy access to many DDS services on your mobile device, download the Department of Driver Services app: DDS 2 Go.


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