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Ga DNR’s 2022-23 Hunting Seasons & Regulations Guide

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division announced the new 2022-2023 Georgia Hunting Seasons and Regulations Guide, which has major changes and season clarifications, can be found online, on the Go Outdoors GA app, and in print.

This guide provides important information on season dates, bag limits, hunting licenses, wildlife management areas (WMAs), quota hunts, youth opportunities and so much more.

View the guide (or download) online at or on the Go Outdoors GA app. Pick up a printed copy at Wildlife Resources Division offices and license vendors throughout Georgia.


  • Chronic Wasting Disease Update: There are changes to the requirements for bringing harvested deer/elk/caribou/moose from out-of-state into Georgia, including only bringing back boned-out meat or products; hides with no attached head; antlers, skulls, skull plates, teeth or jawbones with no soft tissue attached; finished taxidermy products.
  • Raccoon and Opossum: On private land, no closed season and no bag limit for hunting or trapping raccoon and opossum. Hunting season on National Forest lands and on most WMAs is Aug. 15 through last day of February. No bag limit for raccoon.
  • Sea Ducks: Bag limits have changed for sea ducks (scoters, eiders, long-tailed ducks).

CLARIFICATIONS: In the printed copy of the new Georgia Hunting Regulations, WRD Staff have identified 15 areas that need some clarification relative to the duration of the stated “state season” length. The online and app version of the guide will be updated to reflect these clarifications.

Guide Listing Reads WMA or other Area Clarification
Archery and Primitive Weapons Seasons for Deer listed as “state seasons.” Big Dukes Pond, Elbert County, Fishing Creek, Flat Tub, Germany Creek, Hart County, Lower Broad River, Redlands, Soap Creek, and Tallulah Gorge WMAs, and Oconee NF Archery Deer Season is Sept. 10-Oct. 14; Primitive Weapons Season is Oct. 15-21.
Primitive Weapons Season for Deer listed as “state season.” Clarks Hill, Lanahassee, and Oconee WMAs Primitive Weapons Season is Oct. 15-21.
Archery Season for Deer listed as “state season.” Yuchi WMA Archery Deer Season is Sept. 10-Oct. 14

For more information on hunting in Georgia, visit or contact a local Wildlife Resources Division office (


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