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Apply for Georgia Quota Hunts Beginning June 1

Beginning June 1, hunters can apply electronically for quota hunts including youth, deer, alligator, waterfowl, dove and many others, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division.

“Quota hunts, which place a cap on the number of hunters that can participate, provide a great way to take part in a limited opportunity high-quality experience,” says Tina Johannsen, Assistant Chief of the Game Management Section with the Wildlife Resources Division. “But don’t let your opportunity to participate slip past you. Take note of quota hunt deadlines and get that application in before that date.”

A quota hunt is a scheduled event at a Wildlife Management Area or other state-managed property where a limited number of hunters are allowed. Quota levels, such as the number of hunters that can participate and the harvest limit, are based upon the sound principles of wildlife management and public desires for a quality hunt. These hunts provide a challenging and rewarding experience to hunters of all levels.  Selected hunters must be properly licensed to participate in a quota hunt.

Applying for a Quota Hunt is simple. Visit and select “Quota Hunts” and follow the steps to complete your application. Need more help? Visit the Georgia Wildlife Blog at for step-by-step instructions on applying as an Individual, a Group, or joining a Party. Remember to make sure your email is current and correct to receive quota updates, confirmations or any further notices about quota hunts. If you are still unsure how to apply or want to check to see if you applied correctly, don’t wait, call 1.800.366.2661 to receive assistance.

Application deadlines vary depending on hunt type. The first deadlines are July 15 for Alligator, August 15 for Dove (including Adult/Child hunts), and September 1 for most types of Deer Hunts (including Youth hunts). Check the complete deadline list located at

To view selection odds, based on previous years’ applicants, visit

For more information, visit

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