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University System of Georgia Reports Increase In Degrees Awarded

The University System of Georgia says 67,854 degrees were awarded in fiscal year 2019

Chancellor Steve Wrigley today announced the University System of Georgia (USG) awarded 67,854 degrees in fiscal year 2019, marking a 2.1 percent increase over fiscal year 2018. Since 2011, degrees awarded annually has increased nearly 24 percent.

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“To put that in perspective, during that same time our enrollment has grown 3.4 percent. So the rate of awarding degrees is far outpacing the rate of enrollment growth, and that is exactly what we seek,” said Chancellor Steve Wrigley. “I’d like to congratulate both our students and USG institutions for their diligent efforts in increasing graduation rates and improving student outcomes. Since joining Complete College America in 2011, degrees awarded annually have continued to rise. These results are aligned with and will continue advancing the University System of Georgia’s top priorities of making college more affordable, increasing efficiency and ensuring more Georgians enter the workforce with a college credential.”

“As we continue refining efforts to enhance student success and increase college completion rates, I am confident this positive trend will continue,” said Wrigley. “The results will have a lasting impact on our students, their families and communities throughout the state.”

USG has implemented a number of initiatives to advance increased graduation rates, including:

  • Momentum Year, a data-driven suite of strategies designed to help all USG students in their crucial first year of college.
  • “15 to Finish,” a campaign encouraging students to take 15 credit hours a semester, shortening the time it takes to graduate.
  • Early-alert systems and predictive analytics that prompt assistance for a student when performance lags.

In 2017, the University System of Georgia (USG) had a $16.8 billion economic impact on the state of Georgia, according to an annual report available here . The report also found that the USG created 163,754 jobs last year, and 2.2 of those jobs were created for every one USG job in an institution’s home town.

“As we strive to graduate more students, keep college affordable and increase the efficiency in delivering education, it’s important to keep in mind that higher education is an investment, and from these numbers it’s a smart one,” Chancellor Steve Wrigley said. “Communities across our state and the state as a whole are benefiting from the economic engine that is the USG and its 26 institutions.”

The report found these economic impacts demonstrate that continued emphasis on colleges and universities as a pillar of the state’s economy translates into jobs, higher incomes and greater production of goods and services.

The report also indicated an overall increase in full- and part-time jobs either at USG institutions or because of them. Of the 163,754 jobs noted in the report, 50,541 or 31 percent are on the campuses while 113,213 or 69 percent, are off campus. For every person employed at the USG or a member institution, 2.2 people have jobs that support the presence of the institution in the local community.

Information from University System of Georgia.

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