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Chattooga Public Safety

Sheriff’s Deputy Rescues Dog Off Roof

Chattooga County Sheriff Deputy Daniel Sanford responded to a call to help rescue a dog from an abandoned home’s roof. Not a typical call, and not part of his job requirements, but Chattooga County Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Sanford wanted to help.

Local animal advocate, Myra Overbay posted on her Facebook the following account of the rescue:

“Every night when we pray, we pray for our police officers, soldiers and firemen and thank God for their bravery and for keeping us safe and free. Today I thank a Deputy Sheriff for going above and beyond. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge animal lover so when I saw two elderly ladies trying to coax a dog off a roof of an old an old abandoned house, I had to stop. Yes I said a dog on a roof. I called 911 and they sent an officer out. Daniel Sanford went above and beyond to try to help this poor scared dog! He found a rickety old ladder and climbed up and very patiently coaxed this dog off the roof down to safety. He didn’t have to do this…not in his job description but he knew how bad I wanted that dog off the roof. She was hungry and terrified. We didn’t even know if she would bite him. He was very compassionate and patient! Thank you officer Daniel Sanford! Your kindness did not go unnoticed!”

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